What's next for Chia?

Actually this is good, that chia doesn’t depend on btc.

Well, when BTC dropped, so did Chia… I would say that is somewhat dependent on Chia. But when BTC rose, Chia didn’t.

well that is literally a defenition of independency

If you say so… seems like 1 way dependency to me…

publish scientific paper about :wink:

CATs will be released. The barrier to entry for creating a CAT is much smaller than creating a Chia fork so we can expect hundreds of weird and wonderful tokens to be released based on dogs, cats, whatever.

Almost all of them will be complete junk for the next 3 months at least. Eventually legitimate projects such as stable coins will be released.

It looks like there are going to be at least a couple released by Chia Network themselves - they may or may not be interesting as I have no inside info on them other than reading the code; https://github.com/Chia-Network/chia-blockchain-gui/commit/de7e6ba325f33466b4c48f036a5fc50d7edf090e#diff-af943bccf182ed875de64e1859cd652dc8053ece5e4002f2ceb7bf98adb5020dR4

This will be a new phase for Chia as there will be something new you can do with XCH.


It doesn’t need to grow in that respect.
We have plenty of farmers to keep everything decentralized.

In my uneducated opinion, growth means interest in the project. Interest in the project means higher price.

Can’t say I agree there, certainly in respect to network size, we have a healthy price, give it time.
Personally I’d say usage / functionality could bring a higher price, but its not guaranteed.


Just putting this out there. Is there a way to see how many nodes are actively farming and plotting? if we could, I would suspect there are many farms like mine tat haven’t grown in months because we ran out of storage and won’t put any more money into Chia till it goes way up.


It was at 0 Eib in early 2021, and you probably didn’t even know then what an “Eib” was. What’s next for Chia has been talked about extensively by the Chia team, check their Youtube channel for a quick overview. Nothing is going stale, you are focusing on the wrong indicators which is why you feel like it is, which isn’t an objective truth.

I see it like this. We are building this thing. It’s growing and growing. We don’t know why we’re doing it, but we’re building it. The use for what we’re building has yet to be determined. Do we need to build out so much or is this “over” building at this point? You can have this mountain of resources but if nobody needs to make use of the resource, it’s going to get stale and nobody is going to touch it. At this point you can say, see everyone? Look! We have all this stuff that you can make use of. We could build the greatest thing ever. However, if nobody decides to build something with it, then it’s utterly useless. So to me, Chia leadership should be more forthcoming soon about what is or isn’t going to happen and their level of patience. There is no due dates or best before dates on plots, but the longer something sits unused, it develops a stink. It becomes a repellent rather than attractant. Beautiful single women, for years single. People might ask why is that and surely there must be something wrong. People won’t dig deeper, they will just say this doesn’t make sense and will avoid.


That’s what I’m getting at. I agree.

We are farmers and grow grain. From grain you make flour and from flour you bake bread. So you can make something useful out of grain and that’s why the concept is so successful that it’s been around for thousands of years.

We, on the other hand, grow grain, lots of grain, and we don’t know what for.


Happy October everyone, time for our next Chia AMA this Friday the 15th!
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The replies on this thread are starting to get very weird LOL


If you understood the passion for rocket ships enough, you wouldn’t say that!

I would say less focus on what ETH and Bitcoin don’t do well and focus on what you do well. Not to say that Chia leadership has been trashing ETH or BTC lately, but it has been a pretty constant theme. You don’t brag about having a #1 hit single before you actual have a #1 hit single. The only noteworthy thing that’s happened is the farce that was the contest that apparently wasn’t official although you could have been fooled to think prior that it was an official Chia contest. If BTC heads downward again, Chia is going to $100. It was somewhat alarming that Chia flatlined recently although BTC went up. Chia had gone up and down with BTC and when it doesn’t go back up, I’m quite sure it will join on the ride down. The system is out of whack. Based on value the difficulty should be 1/4 of what it is today. This went backassward from the get go. You have all this netspace based on the opening flurry. Most coins start low and gain. Chia started high and in theory should plummet because the value is so minimal at this point by comparison. In closing, seeming like a S sandwich. Not too happy about that.

Prohashing has just announced that it now supports payouts in XCH. Small steps such as this one should help stabilize XCH price.

Dapps! Dapps! Dapps!

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