What's the purpose behind chia

From the point of view of the non technical user , what is the purpose of chia , what does it meant to serve , what is the network cappableof? .
And one more thing , what do I need to learn to know the network potential better ,. Thanks in advance I’m just looking to deeper my understanding I go “blindly” on chia just because I know the crypto market a little

*and because I can judge people and what I hear

have you ever hurd the legand of the last coin… . . one day soon there will be one highlader. bitcoins day is done the future is with chia…
chia wants you to belive that all your plot data is securing the network… and it is… but it servers a far greating purpose… uniting vast storage across the globe each endpoint with its own key ring full of storage of date…
one day chia will have enough storage and the prof-icy will come true, they will let the ai live on the chia network. in our collective storage.

but real talk the uses are endless. i like to think of it as a future POS system. for standardization worldwide. cash registers. atms. casinos. banks. phone aps… chia will be everwhere. an entire ecosystem with enough data storage potential to do literally anything it wants.
least thats how they seem to be building it.

very much the long game coin of the century.

i like to think that all my plots are actually working on extremely complicated questions, life questions, that only a super computer with endless storage could accomplish. with our combined storage power…give the answers… and when ur chosen… you had the right answer. u win.

maybe were all just looking for the one true plot to rule them all…

we all basicly all togethert built a separate internet full of nothing. just plots… and thats all, oh and timelords roam around. all our computers are connect with this new protocal. who the f knows what were actually doing.

i was led to chia as if it was the second commming of christ. chia i believe hold biblical meaning, it will be something spictacular one day. and i was apart of it… thats all that matters… and a lambo when it goes to the moon is all i ask.


Chia is a B2B blockchain with real world use cases. The tech team include @bramcohen and @hoffmang


Making money, what else?