What's your background, and how did you find out about Chia?

I always find it interesting to understand the backgrounds of an online community’s users.

I’m a VP of Product at an Enterprise SaaS startup, we make software for transportation and logistics companies. Was a developer earlier in my career, focused mainly on web app development (favorite language/framework being Ruby on Rails).

I found out about Chia via the Modern Finance podcast by Kevin Rose, when Bram was on it. It was kind of a surreal situation honestly, because I’ve been a fan of Kevin Rose since he was on TechTv, and I’ve used BitTorrent since the very early days, so even though I’m not the biggest crypto guy, I listened to the whole conversation with wide eyes. And frankly, I think being able to be in early on a truly novel crypto project is exciting, and potentially profitable, so I figured why not.


As a sustainable energy systems engineer, I was painfully aware of the energy needs of the bitcoin network, so PoC seemed like the solution, so I had enthusiastically started mining Burst and later BHD and have always regretted their disappearance into irrelevance. Kept following the crypto scene and was pleased when chia showed up. Energy efficiency is only one aspect; the opportunity for passive income is also appealing, of course. But in times of increasing concentration of power of central banks, the threatening abolition of cash and increasing total surveillance and control, an anonymous, decentralized and global currency seems to me more necessary than ever.


Non technical, but love tech… heard about it from Kevin Rose’s podcast that recently launched. Saw the investors backing it and researched how bad bitcoin mining is and thought this may be the future.

Graduated from ASU with a business degree, undergrad. Been around startups for almost ten years. Currently a baseball umpire in Los Angeles.


Curious software engineer, long time Kevin Rose follower since Diggnation, heard about Chia from Bram being on Kevin’s podcast. Listened to the podcast on a road trip, joined keybase and watched all of Gene’s YouTube videos. As soon as I got back I started plotting.

What got me hooked was how thoughtful Bram et al were about the infrastructure and taking the time to find the right solutions, and the community is awesome in general.

Excited to dust off my lisp knowledge from my old programming language design course and maybe spearhead some blockart style generative art.

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Yup heard about it on Kevin Rose’s podcast as well. Read the Chia whitepaper straight away and then went back and watched Bram’s talks at Berkeley and Stanford on Youtube. It’s sort of scary how smart he is.

I’m starting to vibe with the “Bram is Satoshi” conspiracy theory. Chia is his way to make up for his sin of not anticipating asic based bitcoin farms.

Anyhow… I’m a fan of “green” crypto. Checking out helium HNT for the same reasons. Thinking about issuing Chia coloured coins to fund a helium rollout across the country. Need to figure that out.

I’m an old tech guy who was CIO of a mortgage company for many years and am now COO of a telecom related real estate company.

Enjoying filling my weekend toying around with Chia. Up to 10 coins as of a few minutes ago. Quite proud of myself, lol.

Looking forward to the journey!


Helium looks super awesome! Going to read the whitepaper this week. Are you running a radio?

Also, I’m very curious about your “Thinking about issuing Chia coloured coins to fund a helium rollout across the country”. Would you be willing to start a thread here to talk about that in more detail? I think people would be interested in both the coloured coins aspect as well as the other blockchain project.

I was late to the party on this one (again) - all the radios are back-ordered. I ordered some of these, which may have been a poor choice, based upon my research. There a lots available on ebay for totally jacked up prices.

Anyhow - I believe we need to stick to chia discussion here. As I currently understand it on the coloured coin front, I would be able to create my own coins which people could trade with me for chia. I would sell those chia for $ and invest it in radios. The holders of one of my coloured coins would be entitled to a quarterly distribution of chia converted from market priced helium HNT that were derived from the mining operation. Just like buying a dividend income stock on an exchange. People could trade my coins and I would pay via some sort of smart contract created with ChiaLisp.

All of this is way above me from a technical standpoint, but I’ve been around long enough to know this is basically creating a digital form of a security which throws up all sorts of legal and regulatory red flags.

Maybe there’s a lawyer in here willing to give some free advice! :laughing:


I’ve been “keeping tabs” on Bram since he left Bittorrent almost three years ago. Had a feeling whatever he was up to next would be worth following. Have been on the Chia journey since then (he had this crazy idea about PoST) that still had no implementation but my gut said he’s the guy to crack it. Here we are today!! For those joining the party late, the RC got pushed by 6 months, initially block 1 was supposed to happen in late 2020. Fun fact: when the hunt for Satoshi Nakamura was at it’s peak, many in the “cypherpunk” circles thought Bram was the guy.


Eclectic background: qualified electrician, used to run a computer repair shop, BSc in Building Surveying, Diploma in Art and Design and Development Director of a small company that specialises in drainage reporting software using computer vision and machine learning.
I used to do some Bitcoin mining and spent all the proceeds on good quality grass! I came across Chia whilst researching using blockchain to secure IoT security as part of a Masters in High Performance Buildings. Now I’m completely hooked.


Educational psychologist with master degrees in psychology and also in law. Stock owner together with 3 partners in a crypto currency advisory company. Also a staking pool operator in Cardano and since a few weeks ago a farmer in Chia as well :slight_smile:

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Welcome - nice to have you here in our (for the moment) relatively exclusive little chat room!

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:wave: I’m a software engineer working on web services for music hardware (mostly Denon DJ right now). Have been following Chia for a while and starting plotting the moment the final plotting format was locked in. Q3 last year from memory?


I’m here because of this ^^^ guy, wishing I listened to him earlier and started plotting a long time ago.
My only other experience with crypto is getting some Stellar Lumens for free waaay back.
By day I work on developer tools for a little SaaS company that got just sold to a bigger company.


Did they ever figure out who it was?


I’ve always thought, since learning about bitcoin, that everyone should be way way more bothered by the fact that this crazy technology that’s taken the world by storm was created by a person we can’t find, can’t decide if it was even one person, don’t know if they’re alive, etc. That is absolutely bizarre to me.

Hmm. Looks like maybe Nick Szabo

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:laughing: I think they’ve found and lost him at least 10 times now!!

Subscribed to the chia email newsletter in 2017, during the last crypto boom. I don’t remember exactly how I came across it. I only started plotting once mainnet launched this year though (wish I had started earlier)


I have little to no experience with crypto. I recently purchased BTC, ETH, and XTZ (tezos) for some NFT purchases, experimentation.

When bitcoin first came out my dad had a couple miners that we as young adults played around with as well.

I am now making plots with 2 nvme drives and storing them on a 16tb WD drive (getting about 1.5TB a day). I am pretty low entry into this but it has still been fun and interesting.

I am here because our boss got a couple of us where I work interested in all things CHIA :seedling:


A friend who is involved with the crypto and legal fields mentioned Chia to me last thursday, and I’ve gone a little crazy jumping in, have over 120 plots already, making a big investment and hoping it pays off.

My background has always been tech, learned to program as a kid, stuck with it for over 30 years… Top 0.68% on stackoverflow… Spent 7 years in Big Tech, working in Alt Tech now.