When can Chia be traded on other big exchanges?

Are there any plans to make Chia available on other big exchanges like Coinbase or Binance? I don’t think there is a Top-50 coin, which cannot be traded on Coinbase or Binance. I know it takes a lot of money to be added to such an exchange, but as fast as I remember, the developer have a huge amount of premined coins. I looking forward to some information about this topic. Thanks!

Surely it would be better to build the product to the point these exchanges add it for free rather than throwing money at them.

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I remember Chia’s reply to these questions on twitter with:
“please ask them” the more people complain to them Chia isn’t listed, the sooner it will be added.

The other option is to let yourself be extorted by them and pay a huge fee or something to get added.
I don’t know how this typically works though. But the principle stands that if they get a lot of consumers asking about it, it will speed things up.

I think not just asking for sell, but also needs a lot intention to buy…

The exchanges will come in due time. We are only four months in, and everyone knows this is a 3-5 year project for liftoff. Going public via a Spac will generate enormous interest on its own. As the founders have said, bring the regulators on. We want regulation. XCH was built for this and built for the long term. No coin has done what xch has accomplished in a short amount of time. People’s expectations got whacked out of place as a get rich play vs. a mid-long-term business play that will do fairly well (IMHO), but patience is needed as the coin evolves and the business plan plays out and is executed. EXTREMELY bullish on Chia.

Here’s my anecdote:

I have a modest, but to me non-trivial, amount of money in a US based regulated exchange that I earned mining ether each winter for several years using one of my old gpus. I sold it all, including the spare gpu, this spring sometime right before chia transactions launched hoping it would be listed immediately. That… did not happen. So I’ve just been sitting on the USD waiting for something to happen here.

I don’t really want to mess with other crypto at this point due to the energy problems, and if they never list chia I might just close the account and just stick with farmed chia.

But if they do list it, that entire balance is going into chia, which would be the first time I would have ever bought crypto instead of mining/farming it.

I replied to a similar question a few days ago …

It costs money, big money to be listed on exchanges

Copy of my other post

Big exchanges don’t list coins/tokens easy , it actually costs a lot Por que razon no listan chia en las grandes exchanges? - #3 by md-chia

For example Binance asked the founder of Digibyte around a 500,000 USD to list DGB , that was for long a heated debate on twitter to follow between CZ (Binance) and Jarod Tate (DGB)

But not all exchanges ask FIAT , some ask a % of the total supply of a coin/token …

And some older tokens/coins well those do get listed for free for obvious reasons.

Exchanges aren’t charities

Quote from another crypto forum - If you are looking to list your coin on an exchange, expect to pay: $6,000-$30,000 for listing on a small exchange. $60,000-$300,000 for listing on a medium-sized exchange. $1M -$2.5M for listing on a high-volume exchange.

Chia is listed on Huobi and KuCoin which according to CoinMarketCap are the second and fifth largest exchanges respectively by daily volume.