When can we run chia core farmer on ubuntu?

My operating system is ubuntu because in windows I can’t plot and farm at the same time. When are you going to release the farmer for ubuntu in chia-core?

Please spend a minute on Google before you post questions like this. If you look, you will find Howto’s for doing what you want.
Is it hard? maybe, but if you want it enough I’m sure you will put in the time to learn for yourself.

Is this harsh? No, I’m just not going to enable a question like this

HTH ~ coinMunkey

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This is not the place to ask for support for specific pools.

This is harsh because it isn’t accurate. You are confusing Chia (the main application) with Chia-Core (an unofficial pool). His question is about Chia-Core. Which does not have an Ubuntu installer (to my knowledge).

But, that doesn’t really make his question here valid. He should be asking that question on Chia-Core’s discord server. You know, where they support the software.

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Smells fishy to me. New user signed up to ask a specific question about a little known pool with its own support forum?! If you needed any more reasons not to trust that pool…

@apicoypala please contact the pool operators for support on this one since they seem to have their own community for that.

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