When do i see something happening in my wallet at the moment its empty

i been plotting for week now i have 2.5 tib plot size 26 plots. and planning to plot at least 64 TB worth of plots but i don’t see any thing happening in wallet just wandering if am doing something wrong or not.

I would stop plotting.

Some news should come out on the 2nd about pools. Very unlikely you will win any xch but after pools come out you should get something more stable.

https://faucet.chia.net/ will get you 0.000000001 xch can’t remember the exact number of 0’s but you will need something to join a pool

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It’s good too use faucets to leave 0 chia’s club https://chia2start.eu/

i follow the link and it says request send. how do i join the pool, i just stopped my plots what do i do next do have to restart Chia App

Faucets gives you chia (mojo’s) for free.

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yeah i can see i got some in my wallet but i just want to should i continue mining or should i stop

Here is the thing right now (1st June 2021) you can farm as a private individual with your 26 plots but your time to win is 3 years, as I write. https://chiacalculator.com/ However, as the netspace is expanding fast, this keeps sliding, more people in the game, less chance to win, as one contributor put it “it is dissapearing over the horizon”, which is a great analogy.

So for you and me (I only have 10 plots until I get some more equipment and go up a gear to hopefully 1000 plots) we need to join pools, because our individual chance of winning a block (2XCH) is so low we may never win, like buying one lottery ticket per week means you still have almost zero chance of winning - ever. However, if you join a lottery syndicate and it buys 100,000 lottery tickets per week you will win many times over a lifetime, but your share of the winnings will be smaller, proportional to the number of tickets you contirbute and how often you do so. Bitcoin is a good example, you have to pool to get any BTC, the odds of winning a whole BTC are so tiny that you might not win one even if you have an entire datatcentre mining for you.

You can Chia pool now, (HPOOL) which is unofficial and has trust issues), using your existing plots, and instead of occasionally winning one huge 2XCH win, you get tiny amounts regularly. HPOOL is also so big (about 1/3 of the wins) it is influencing the direction the whole Chia project is taking, by offering an alternative to solo-farming or official pooling which has not been tested or released yet. When you join an official pool, when they finally release them, you will have to replot any plots you want to contribute. This to me feels like the team are creating a cliff edge around release of official pooling. This means whilst I am plotting right now at fairly low rate, I will have to decide is it worth the power and machine time to plot solo farm plots on my new kit, until official pooling arrives given that those plots will be practically worthless in the long run, unless I attach them to HPOOL.

So there is nothing to stop you from continuing to farm, as this uses almost no resources apart from your computer being turned on and the chia app running, whether you want to keep plotting is another thing.

One other perspective the netspace growth is encouraging as well as discouraging. If the world is willing to devote !15 exabytes to this project (bearing in mind the storage itself has no actual function) then the value of Chia has a better chance of staying high. The despondency many seem to be expressing right now will not be as great if XCH goes up to $10k/XCH and we are all in pools, it will be a nice little earner. It has a good chance of going up, its trading higher than expected, it is much less harmful than BTC/ETH for the environment, and this needs to be the PR win, so unless crypto gets severely regulated/banned in another major economy (already has been in china and we seem to have weathered that storm) it stands a good chance of being a major cryptocurrency.


thank you really helpful are you mining on hpool as well or not

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it is big chanses that you wold not see anything with 64TB, it is lotery.

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how much do i need am not too sure

some people compeet woth 100-300 tb and dont get anything, so it is lotery.

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No worries. I am not, no. I have had a little play with my home equipment, now I’ve spent some money (£3.5k) on second hand servers and drives and am going to set my system up, plot some personal plots just to optimise my machines plotting capabilities, then maybe start a new private key (so if I decide to throw my personal plots into HPOOL at that stage I have no security risk) and begin plotting in earnest when official pooling begins. Probably with ChiaForum pool if they have got it together - hopefully they will have, its a good forum here. My plan B is use the equipment for some other project like filecoin (though I think you need better kit than I am getting for this) or sell it and recover some/most of my money.

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am thinking to switch to HPOOL as well as i mind getting at least some sort of incomee going to my wallet.
any idea when the pool minning be coming from CHIA

There is a webinar on zoom about it tomorrow but this is aimed at pool admins, however, I am sure information will cascade to this forum live as the webinar progresses. From what I understand its testnet rollout in June, then ?, so do not know what this really means.

If I do go to HPOOL I will put my personal plots on a tiny compute stick PC running the Hpool app and run it separately from the rest of my network (with my old private key which has 0 XCH currently) in case HPOOL turns out to be malicious in some way. They are established but running their proprietary app on machines that matter to you might be a bad idea.


I’ve seen 700 TB guys with 0 XCH. Then we have some candidates with 4 XCH at 40 TB. It’s all about luck imho. EDIT: 4 XCH at 8 TB is the smallest lucker I’ve seen so far.


check what you can earn on hpool https://hpoolchiacalculator.com/

i stopped plotting about 3 weeks ago as i saw no rewards with 160 plots so i took them to hpool after feeling let down, i saw an average of $12 a day to start off with but it started to go down a week ago to $6 a day so i plotted more to get above the $10 mark a day… ( or was that in £ can’t remember :stuck_out_tongue: )

information on pools should be released tomorrow
also you should realise this chia farming thing is nothing like gpu mining you have more to lose as a investment as you have to always try to keep up with netspace to earn xch,

try not to join hpool as it’s bit late now but saying that if official pools are delayed you might wish you had. DO NOT JOIN ANY OTHER UNOFFICIAL POOLS as atleast hpool has been around a couple of years and create a new wallet and add a mojo to that wallet from the link i gave

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am still in process of plotting. Is possible that i can plot at hpool or has to already plotted plots from chia app.

They have their own plotter. You can use the gui or other plotters to plot but you will have to disable farming, if they think your solo mining aswell they will ban you.

They take a cut of 20% and a transaction fee.

They will have a record of your private key so people say.

You will have to replot for the new pools.

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yeah I think i tried that but i didn’t disable farming from chia app. i am also trying to find a handy tutorials for plotting in Hpool. still in process of learning the plotting there.