When do you think we could have plots that can be "resumed"?


For me, it would be a good improvement as I’m plotting in my daily pc. Why chia still doesn’t have that option? Or GPU plotting as Burst/Signa had a few years ago?

I hope there will be any programmer doing that now.

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This is one of the reason why people switched to madmax, as it allowed to make plots faster and thus “interrupt/resume” the plotting on computers that needed restarting. If your computer cannot finish a regular plot (with madmax) under a reasonable timeframe, I think you’re not using the proper hardware or you’re expecting too much from what hardware you currently have.

Are you plotting on a laptop? If so, putting it to sleep instead of shutting it down should let you pause/restart the plotting in the middle of a plot without issue.

A GPU plotter is probably developped by someone, somewhere right now. The author of madmax has said that it’s doable. I, too, miss the old days when you could fill a SMR drive full of burst plots in just a day!

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If I implement a plotter, the license will include a clause: “User agrees whomever SlugPlot designates as a troll on the forums is, in fact, a troll.” :smiley: