When pooling is available, will you join one? What factors would you consider to join one?

I know pooling is a ways out (according to this at least: Pools in Chia) but once it’s an option for us, what would make you join one versus stay on your own with plotting and farming?

Really great thread on reddit discussing some of the dynamics for pools: https://reddit.com/r/chia/comments/mjxug8/no_farming_pools_how_does_one_keep_up_with_rising/

I’m in, I will commit at least 32TB

Great! And welcome to the forum!

Thanks, will you keep any tab on who’s in? Might be a good idea!

Yes absolutely, I’ll setup a spreadsheet and create a group here for us

I consider me lucky having 24TB already plotted at mainnet launch, since I made some XCH, but winning intervall is getting longer and longer… so I might dedicate another 24TB to a pool and see what performs best…

Great. Looking forward to it. Is it true though pooling will only become available in months?

I’m confused. Is this a interest check for people joining a pool run by the forum? Or just a general question? If it is the first option I’d be interested. I could do probably 80-160tb

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So the pool I’m in the process of building, I assume people are looking for (in no particular order)

  • Security, no one wants their stuff hacked
  • payouts, when and how often
  • size, bigger pools should generate more consistent returns
  • support/communication, if there are problems can you get in touch with someone
  • transparency, what are my stats and what are the pools stats

I’m sure there are a few other things I’m missing. If you’re interested in my pool checkout https://DasCrypto.farm I’ll be launching as soon as possible.

@dchuk if y’all are interested in partnering, shoot me a DM.

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Biggest factors for me are have they been operating other crypto pools, for how long, and what is their reputation. I have no interest in spinning my wheels as people try to figure out what they are doing. Everyone else is welcome to be part of the many learning curves all these new pools will face to simply function beyond the problems chia will bring.

I’m here for the fun.
Learning something new, is always rewarding.

So, for now, i don’t intend to join any pools, i will take my chances solo and keep the winnings.