When you win a block

How does it reflect in logs?

I keep asking but never got any reasonable reply.



In the log, you would see a message like this:

INFO     Starting to make block
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For what I’ve read and found in my own logs is that it should show " Found 1 proofs ".


Yes, this is one condition. But now with the pools, you may have this message "“Found 1 proofs”, but it is for the pools, the partials. You can check your log now with many of this message, but it doesn’t mean you win a block.

Thanks for the great info! Much appreciated! I don’t have any intention of every joining a pool and I’m still plotting on OG. Do you know if the “Found 1 proofs” does or doesn’t show up when plotting NFT plots solo?

It also shows up.

Technically, the message could be “Found <2 or greater> proofs” but this is extremely rare.

This message doesn’t guarantee a block win, but it makes it very likely (if you’re solo).

@makicrypto and @Dan Thanks for the great information! It’s sincerely appreciated. I’ve adjusted my monitoring script to use “Starting to make block”. Now I just have to wait and see if I ever win again. :laughing:

Why “2 or greater”, is just one not enough?

You get one reward for each proof accepted. It is possible for multiple farmers to be rewarded in a single block. In fact, this is a common occurrence when the netspace is expanding rapidly and the difficulty adjustment hasn’t caught up with the growth yet.

Another way of looking at it: you need to find a proof that is better than the threshold set by the current difficulty level. Each plot contains millions of proofs, so it’s entirely possible (though unlikely) you could find more than one winner, even in the same plot.

That being said, the common example is when two different farmers win a reward on the same block, and there are ~400,000 nodes currently running. So for a single farmer to get two rewards in a block would be very rare indeed.

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I see. Well thanks for explanation.

Do you think older plots like by june or by may have better chance to win since lower count of farmers have them at the moment?

All plots are roughly equal, so no.