Where are the other 1.75 chia? Did I get attacked?

Good morning, yesterday evening around 11:32pm I got 0.25 chia sent to my wallet address. However, the 1.75chia which usually comes on the same block did not arrive - see screenshot. I know that this is not from my pool plots because they arrive on the diff address.

Do you think I got attacked somehow and cheated out of my 1.75 chia? I noticed the whole thing at 1am afterwards and my farmer was frozen after, ie. farming stopped at 11:32pm for some reason (the same time the 0.25chia arrived). I had to restart the chia gui multiple times for the farmer to kick in again. Any ideas as to what happenned? Thanks!

When it was on a OG plot, the address the 1.75 should have been sent to is in the GUI farm section, three vertical dots top right, Manage Reward Addresses and then the Pool Reward Address. (not to be confused with the pool reward address for NFT plots which is in the GUI’s Pool section.
Please check that address and possible verify with the search option of chiaexplorer.com if it has arrived there.

And it may still be on a NFT plot I think, just because only the 0.25 arrived.
Can you check with your pool for won blocks? Most report them.

I don’t think you can discrimitate for the farmer reward addresses the 0.25 for both OG en NFT plots are send to…

Thank you! I will doublecheck the addresses. What is an OG plot? Thanks again!

Sorry, yes, just clued in, that OG is an original plot. Yes, it might have bee.I haven’t repotted the original plots because it would take way too long to redo it.

Did you make sure to hit the “Claim Rewards” button in the Pool tab? That will give you the final 1.75 chia.

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I checked and there are no “unclaimed rewards” in any of my pools :frowning:

Is this wallet yours? no it is not. It’s a pool reward.




ok, thanks. then that means that it came from the space pool and 0.25 is the correct amount? strange that the reward shows up in my farm screen - all other pool rewards only show in my wallet but not in my farm. Ok, thank you for extra investigation!