Where can I find a bulk supply for SAS cables for cheap?

Looking to scale up my farm, but trying to keep price per TB to a minimum. Anyone know where I can supply a large amount of these SAS 8087 to 4x SAS cables for under 10 USD a piece?

SAS cables

Have you looked on Ebay?

Yes eBay is an option, I have found a few but still around 10-15 USD per piece. This would cost me $2.5-$3.5 per drive connected which is pretty good, but still want looking around for a any other cheaper options.

Aliexpress. Where else.


That’s not too bad, and doesn’t include the psu + the server. See it as an investment, good cables can always be resold, and if you have a topology that needs reliability then you’re better off buying good cables than doing maintenance every week when your disks go offline.