Where can I find a complete history of my Wallet?


the Chia GUI only shows a part of my wallet history. Is there a way to see the whole History of my Wallet.


Imperfect, but you can enter your address in chiaexplorer.com

it should show all of it though? there’s a rows per page and a page arrow at the bottom.

Nope, only the last 50 transactions.

that’s kinda lame, doesn’t seem like it would take much space given the size of blockchain etc to have it all there.

It shouldn’t take up any (additional) space. Since it’s in the blockchain you already downloaded. Anyway, I need it for tax reasons.

Is it safe to enter your address in chiaexplorer.com?

yes, you are only entering your receive address there, worst thing someone can do is send XCH to you :grin:

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Try alltheblocks.net. Works for chia and pretty much every fork as well. No limit on number of transactions displayed either (I have 424 transactions on one fork and they all show). Far as I’m concerned, it obsoletes every other explorer.

Thanks, but this is not showing everything, just my pool income. Any ideas?

No idea. I have received airdrops and direct transactions from others and they have all shown. Are you sure those other transactions went to the same wallet?

Well I think so. All pool rewards show up but no block rewards.

I have never pooled so can’t answer as to how that works. I know when I win a block with my OG plots I am getting the 0.25 and 1.75 separately as I should.