Where can US residents/US Citizens trade Chia now?

I don’t see where we can buy or sell chia now that huobi (sp?) kicked us off. This is problematic, I may need to sell some of mine to pay my bills 8(

You can buy Chia (XCH) on Uphold. I do not know for sure if you can deposit XCH and sell on there. Several months ago I opened an Uphold account and purchased Chia. You cannot withdraw any cryptocurrency from Uphold unless you verify your identity by uploading your personal documents to a 3rd party that is not in any position to know whether your ID or personal documents are valid.

I use gate.io
can convert almost all currencies. convert to usdt to get money out.

Right on Gate’s sign up page:

Citizens and residents of the U.S.A, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Malta, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Crimea region, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan are prohibited entirely,

They can’t even consistently spell “Personal Data” correctly in their privacy policy (frequently written as Personal Date). It is hard to find any origin information for Gate today, and they are incorporated in the Marshall Islands. Personally, I would not trust them with any of my personal date.



you can sell it on many exchanges like crytpo.com and for more info : you would like to know where to buy Chia, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Chia stock are currently OKX, Hotcoin Global, DigiFinex, KuCoin, Gate.io.

i’d be happy if you told me how to deposit chia to crypto.com

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You can’t transfer XCH in or out of Crypto.com. They only let you buy it on their exchange. (unless they recently changed this issue)

edit: just verified. “We are working hard to introduce XCH deposits and withdrawals. Stay tuned!”

You can NOT sell XCH or transfer XCH to or from Crypto.com


I thought the point of the pre-farm was to pay people working at Chia. If they can’t spend it, how do they live?

sounds like IPO coming soon :sunglasses:

Coinex is a trust worthy place.
Check their profile.

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I don’t hear the sound you’re referencing. Although, its been “coming soon” for a while now too.

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This is one of the more frustrating aspects to Chia. I want to use an Exchange that has their Corporate Offices and their servers located inside a stable Western democracy. Or at least Western Style Democracy. Call me closed minded, but I’m not too keen on places like Hong Kong that the Chinese could crackdown on at any moment, or someplace like the Caymen islands where it seems like a good place to incorporate if you plan on doing shady things.


Yeah, the options are pretty limited right now.

Speaking from experience, I’ve used and had reasonable results with Bittrex and Uphold. They’re based in the US & England respectively. Uphold supports buying and (selling?) XCH, Bittrex does not. I’d hope that a coin like Chia could make it onto Bittrex given how many others are on there. For now you could find people to trade XCH with for something that Bittrex does support.

Some here commented on Stably Prime when it first opened up, but I haven’t heard anything since and don’t know much about it personally. It is still listed as the way to buy XCH on chia.net. The Offers concept is cool but I haven’t jumped in to Stably yet.

Chia has big plans and it is still early, but every day that goes on it is proving itself resilient, fast, and secure.

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I can understand that view. I use an intermediary to convert small amounts of chia into usdt and bring it to a more reasonable broker then immediately. I think that minimizes the risk of crackdown significantly, as I do not store my values for a prolonged time there.

As for the moral perspective, and if you want to participate in that trade war, that is something everyone has to decide for their own on their morale aspects.

No it’s not.

Pre-farm is a reserve used to raise capital, and will stay put. It is being move into a custodial solution in this month where it can be viewed and it’s usage audited.
In the future - after the company goes public - part of the pre-farm may be paid out as dividend to investors.

All the money Chia Inc. has, comes directly from investors, that’s what they use to pay their staff and everything else. (in total I think they raised about 70 mln USD in investments)

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Are there any exchanges that are registered somewhere where they actually have to pay taxes?
I think if you (could) look into the holding structures of the companies, my guess is that most if not all pay their taxes…nowhere. Just like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Only hard working people pay taxes :sweat_smile:

Sorry quite a bit off topic.

Personally I use Okex to trade Chia into or out from Ustd. If I want to convert to Fiat, I will send Ustd or something else that I can trade locally.

More generally, Major exchange listings are a bit lacking still, also has something to do with the specific protocol Chia wallet uses.

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I want to hold on to my earnings for when Chia goes big, but I also want to hold onto my house and car and I may have to sell some of my chia holdings to do that. That’s why I’m asking. Its a sad affair that I definitely didn’t ask for (pandemic related) and I hope something comes into play where I don’t have to, but we’ll see. I assure you, I’m asking this question with desperation and sadness, not with money symbols in my eyes or anything like that.

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