Where do you buy and sell XCH?

Hey guys,

where do you buy and sell chia? What are your experiences? Please note whether you are from USA, Canada, EU, Asia etc.

I am from Europe and currently looking for a place to trade.

i am sitting in germoney and use OKEx selling XCH for BTC and then withdraw to coinbase for Fiat. no issues so far.

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thx. How long did verification take? How high are fees?

really dont know because i didnt care. recently i sold 0.79599206 XCH, took a minute, had -0.00000486 BTC fee. withdraw BTC is 4 confirmations on the btc blockchain…

So you did not verify?

i am not quiet shure what you mean… i always received BTC after short time, which is dependig on btc blockchain speed and has nothing to do with OKEx.

At all big exchanges you have to verify by government issued ID. Just check Trustpilot for the QQ about it.

Now i get you. no, no need to KYC.
(I would have to do it if i want to use all functionality or move bigger amounts)