Where has the 1.75xch gone?

I created a bunch of plots with an NFT but did NOT join any pool–all in self pooling, and have farmed them together with old non-NFT plots. I set the reward address to the OKEx wallet. So far it all worked well–whenever I get a reward, the OKEx wallet would receive 0.25+1.75 xch.

However today only 0.25xch was received. I checked my local chia wallet and the balance did not change.

As I understand when doing self pooling, the 1.75xch should either go to the reward target address (configured under the Farm tab, in my case it is the OKEx wallet) or the local wallet, right? But what’s happening here?

The reward address is only for your .25, you need to hit the " claim rewards" button on the nft to get the 1.75, or so I believe, ive not hit a block with my nft plots yet.

The nft reward 1.75 goes to the address shown on the nft.

Oh, found it…

Status Self Pooling
Unclaimed Rewards 1.75 XCH

It was showing 0 here before…I believe it was a delay.

Thanks buddy!

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We see this all the time. Old pool members are not claiming their 1.75 when they go solo, for days at a time. Right now I see two blocks waiting from ex-members. It’s ridiculous that you have to go press a button for this, it should be automatic.