Where is everyone buying their hard drives?

So far, I’ve ordered all of mine from either Amazon or Best Buy (I’m California/US based).

I’m curious where everyone is getting their drives lately? And how are you finding/monitoring for deals?

(I have a project idea, but wanted to do some fact finding first here :slight_smile: )

In Ukraine there is lack of HDD already. I’m ordering abroad (through 3 countries). Only way to get it cheaper, but with time delay.

I bought 1 external WD HDD from bestbuy to begin plotting and also recently bought 70TB box from Newegg - 70TB Mobius Pro 5C 5-Bay USB-C External Drive Array

I always use https://shucks.top – but we’re already seeing supply chain issues. I expect this to worsen considerably if things go well on Chia coin pricing… it is time to buy drives now if you are going to.


UK - Amazon first rised the prices by 50%,.then started to limit the orders - 2 disks max for one account.
I found that I can buy some disks on very.co.uk - 8 TB Seagates.
With promo code for a new member (30 GBP off) they costs exactly 15 pounds / TB which is not a bad deal.

I run diskprices.com, which grabs most of the storage devices on Amazon in several countries every six hours and sorts them by Price per TB.

Affiliate referrals through that site are up more than 6x month over month. On April 19th alone, I saw 3.7 petabytes of disk sold, more than half of which went to Australia. From what I can tell, prices have stayed mostly the same but the budget SKUs are going out of stock, so the median price is going up.

Apologies for the self promotion, mods said it was okay.


We all gotta hustle, and valuable projects are valuable, so I’m all for it!