Where to discuss Chia (Keybase+Telegram+Discords)

I am posting the links to the most active places to discuss Chia that I’m aware of. There’s of course the Chia reddit+keybase. Keybase is more for official business than casual Chia discussion and its a difficult application to use. For discord there is the chia blockchain, flexpool, red panda, spacepool, poolchia, foxypool, and Swar one. I think everyone is in multiple discords and perhaps “there can only be one,” but hopefully not. I’m sure I’m missing some, feel free to add any I’ve missed in replies.

I’ve posted the links below:
Chia Keybase
Farmers Union Telegram
Chia Blockchain
Red Panda
Pool Chia

PS: Highly encourage everyone to watch Highlander.

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