Which Chia Forks to mine? Is Chives Coin Farming Worthy?

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No, simply because you need to replotting , their volume cant sustain chia netspace as simple as that, and seems the dev also make other coin, Hive i believe ?? and seems their last coin is mediocre coin, they just join in this hype fork coin to piggyback chia popularity

You do not need replotting. You can farm Chia and any other fork in parallel with same plot files.

The next great video is:

Also consider farming Stor: https://stor.network

Stor will be listed on exchange this week.

Happy farming!

None of them
I tried a few of the forks.
The best fork is valued at less than 1/3 of 1% of Chia.
Farming Chia forks was not even worth the response time lost.
IMOP none of them are worth farming.

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Look at it this way… Flax coin flat out states on their website:

What is the value of Flax (XFX)?

Cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value. Its value doesn’t come from any person or corporate entity but from broad community support as well as supply and demand. We aim to build a great community by users for users. The value of XFX is currently unknown without an exchange listing, and you should treat it as worthless internet brownie points in the most probable case. Please don’t buy new hardware to farm Flax.

Therefore, take it from a fork itself, it is worthless and useless. Therefore most forks are worthless and useless.

Yes, it’s not worthy for you to mine. Many people are the same opinions as you.

Congratulations! Hope we can bring forks to a new level together.

That’s true. But I think no matter which forks to choose, if one has confidence in Chia then he could have a plan for its forks.

Yes. My plan is to avoid them all unless and until any prove worthy.

At this point in time none of the forks has any real advantage over Chia and none have even been able to match XCHs performance let alone exceed it.

If a fork comes out with sufficient expertise, financial backing, and some real improvement on the Chia blockchain then I will be more than happy to look at them. Until then, I have done all the Chia fork research and planning that I need to.


Right now i’m farming 26 forks, holding only a few of them. I’m selling the rest on forks.green.
It’s about 0.1 extra XCH per week for me from selling off. Farm is running at 296TiB.
Forks im currently holding are STAI, Silicoin, HDDCoin, Flax, Tranzact and everything with Doge in the name :slight_smile:
Most promising for is STAI mainly because it is backed by a company that exists for a long time, already has real world use and future plans seem interesting to me. E-Mobility is an emerging market and if you have a coin that can be used to buy fuel etc. there will be a market.

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forks.green is brand new, suspect, and does not even list 26 coins to trade.

If you add up the value of all of your “earnings” from 26 forks it will add up to far less then 0.1 XCH per week.

So you are trading your fork coin for XCH and spending 0.1 XCH a week doing the trading? How much XCH are you getting in return for your trades and have you made an XCH withdrawal transaction from forks.green?

Could you tell us your response times for Chia when farming 27 coins?

Ah here is Mr. K33 i have 500 Wallets again at a new topic :slight_smile: Not going to respond to you. Bye.

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You just responded!

Anywaze, I’m sure you will not respond further because what I said is true.

You cannot trade all the forks you mine and you are just losing value farming and trading 26 forks. forks.green is good at taking your XCH but I’ll bet you are in for a surprise when you try to withdraw.

Good NOT chatting with ya! :crazy_face:

What is the total CPU usage and total memory usage when farming 26 Chia forks? How many CPU cores are required?

I agree with you. Chia Blockchain is a great technology, there must be a boom again in the future. So a preparation work for its forks is a wise choice. You are very careful about the decision, hope you a success.

I don’t want to be a complete fork dismisser. Many if not most present day coins were forks at the start.

If any have the inclination to farm a fork I think this already posted link gives most of the info needed to evaluate the forks:

From a basic look there, mainly at market cap and price (value differs with reward amount/block), I have found only four forks that have any hope. I have looked more deeply at all four and none have any red flags that I can see.

  1. Chives.
    Chives has a market cap and a trading volume larger than all the other forks combined. This is probably because Chives actually does offer a different payment model, seems to have a more than competent technical team, had no pre-mine (Which makes their market cap particularly impressive as most market caps include the pre-mine, Chia in particular), and most importantly, they setup their own exchange. I will probably start farming Chives if they continue to perform.

2, 3, and 4. Flax, Silicoin, and HDDcoin.
All three seem to have reasonably competent technical teams, offer slightly different models, and a trading volume and market cap that say they may go somewhere. In spite of this, I have no urge to farm any of these as they are just too low in value for me to bother.

Yes, I agree with some of your points about Chives.

  1. No premine makes them different among forks, while the payment model Giving 10% rewards of each block to Community can make the project keep running.

  2. Their own exchange give Chvies coin a good mobility at the begining.

And if you don’t mind, I sincerely invite you to get a free 20xcc airdrop on Chives Swap. Good luck!

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any of these coins listed on major exchanger yet?

Yes, as I know.

Spare is listed on XT.com, N-Chain is listed on ZT Global. And now HDDcoin is preparing a list on XT.com