Which farms are dropping out?

Obviously total netspace has declined significantly in recent weeks. Looks like it is 50PiB per day?

Just curious - Do we have any data or idea about which farms are dropping out?

Not sure if it is lots of smaller farmers or larger farms which are no longer economical to run - The total number of full nodes only gives a very rough idea

Its anecdotal but I’m not seeing a glut of second hand drives appearing for sale on second hand markets (UK anyway)

I’ve recently bought some HDD in the UK from a farmer that had over 1PiB and was selling the lot, from what I understand he couldn’t take the noise or heat anymore, he was going to buy XCH instead.

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Netspace has been on a slow decline for more than 6 months now: but it’s not an issue until it starts to dip below 5 EiB or so (as the node count would start to get low). Large and small farms go offline as they see their break-even dates stretch too far into the future: but the large setups are more likely to stick around for 3-5 years.

I’m glad HDD prices are back to normal: and we can finally see some deals again!

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I agree with @Lamiaceae. There has been no noticeable increase in the decline recently. The netspace has been on the decline since the end of October of last year. It’s been pretty steady, nothing new.

But we have approached the price point recently that will take this venture into an unprofitable one for those with high electricity costs. So people that are in this for an ongoing income will be dropping out for the time being. For me, I reran my calculations and it would have to drop below $20/XCH for me to be losing money. But I’m not here for regular income. I’m here for the long haul. I haven’t sold a coin and don’t plan to for another 4 years.

With the price teasing to drop below $30, I’m not sure what will happen. Chia isn’t going anywhere (IMO). But just like all crypto right now, I think there is a tough road ahead before things turn around.

I erased all the plots in one hd for the first time because I need more space for backups. :joy:

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~2PiB farm, fully optimized, only 18TB HDDs. USA Texas. Electricity costs are reasonable + I have solar system.
Not expanding it, just sitting for 4 more years to see what comes out of it.

If I get a fantastic deal on high capacity drives and a jbod, I will consider increasing the farm size.

All the capex already spent. Now just opex: electricity, HDD RMA, checking on the farm to backup/update it time to time, tax reporting