Which files are needed for computer replacement?


I have a bad motherboard, of which the entire line has manufacturing issues that disconnect USB devices.

I will be replacing the motherboard with a different brand. So I feel it is probably best to wipe the boot drive, reinstall the OS, and install Chia. This way, nothing in the registry, or elsewhere, is leftover from the bad system.

But now the issue of syncing comes up. On the new set-up, I do not want to wait an eternity for Chia to sync from scratch.

Which files should I save, before I wipe the current boot drive, so that the syncing status will continue, on the new computer, from where it left off on the old computer?

Also, when the GUI is started, it knows your wallet. All you have to do it click on it, and it logs you in to your wallet.

Which files are needed to make that work on the new computer?

Basically, on the new computer, I will be formatting the boot drive, installing the OS, running all of the updates, and then installing Chia – and it is at this point I want Chia to operate from its last status on the old computer. What are the files I need to make this happen?

I know the commands to have the new computer identify all of the plots on my external drives. I only need help with the files involved with syncing and the wallet login.

Thank you.

I usually copy the entire C:\Users\whateveryoucallyourself.chia folder to the new machine, then run the installer

Someone correct me if I’m wrong though cause I haven’t done that since 1.1.4 and not sure if 1.1.6 has drastically changed how things are set

But just to add to it, there’s also;

C:\Users\whateveryoucallyourself\AppData\Roaming\Chia Blockchain

Wouldn’t hurt to copy EVERYTHING and then run a fresh installer over it

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I was wondering if I should first copy all of the files (you mentioned) to the new machine, and then install Chia? Or…

Install Chia on the new machine, and then copy all of the files to the new machine?

The reason for my concern of which should come first is that I do not know if I first copy my files over, if then installation would then overwrite some of those files, leaving me with possibly having to sync up, again, or not have my wallet data there (those are 2 big files).

Copy then install

The two most important folders to quickly sync up are the;


If you were to ever do a fresh install (and I mean copy over nothing prior) you’ll see those two folders inflate from 0kb to +4GB