Which files auto login to your wallet?

I will be replacing my boot drive, where Chia is installed.
When Chia is started, it allows you to click on your wallet, and you now have full access to your plots and rewards.

I want to sell my current boot drive.
Which files do I need to delete to ensure that the new owner will not be able to access my Chia wallet?

It is an SSD, which makes overwriting the files a problem. But as long as I delete the files, I doubt that the new owner would have a clue.

Is it just a matter of deleting everything in .chia and below?

And while I am on this topic…
On the new boot drive, after I install Chia, and close the application, can I simply copy back all of .chia, start up Chia, and have my wallet work, and my synchronization where I left off (to avoid a full resync), etc,

Thank you.