Which lightweight linux distro for plotters?

I’m a windows guy, but I came across an extra mini PC with an SSD I can just plot on. It’s tiny, but i’ll take an extra 3-4 plots a day :slight_smile:
My question is, is there any tiny lightweight linux distro that preferred? I’ve installed Mint and Ubuntu for testing, but aiming for something UI-less and that is set up so I can SSH to it to set it up. I want to not hook up a monitor. Mostly because I don’t want to hunt down adapters for DVI, lol.

I’m using the server edition of ubuntu on my farming rig, basically the same commands without the UI


Ubuntu Server 20.4 is what I’m running and it’s lightweight and great.


I don’t think there’s much advantage in picking a “lightweight” distro, personally, other than maybe reducing disk space usage?

It’s better to pick a common distro so you can look up problems more easily when you run into them.


True. Mostly was looking for the least overhead since it’s not a powerhouse. But I guess it’s really moot at the rate it’s going. I’ll stick w/ the Ubuntu Server rec, heh.