Which one should I get 970 pro or 980 pro?


Should I get 970 pro or 980 pro for Chia plotting and for daily use after when the plotting finishes(I mean when I stop farming business after a while like 3-4 months maybe)?

I have PCIe 3.0 on my laptop by the way.

Thanks in advance.

the 970 pro has much better sustained read/write speeds.

Thank you, After my job is done which is perform better for pcie 3.0 ? I mean for daily use?

that entirely depends on what you are going to be doing…

Mostly gaming and rendering :slight_smile:

Another question is if either drive will still be running after 3-4 months. The endurance is not that high on those drives, and plotting takes a lot of writes.
for plotting the 970 is beter. I think for daily use both are very good drives

I got 2x 970 pro Thank you for your help guys <3

i got 2x980 pros just because I’m on intel 10th gen so I won’t even be able to utilize pcie x4 speeds and i think the sustained read/writes over pcie x3 from what I’ve seen so far are almost identical within 200 mb/s from videos I’ve seen. And for $50 more per 970 for the same capacity, just wasn’t worth it to me, would’ve been a different story if I was on ryzen

The 980 pro is gen 4 actually
970 pro is gen 3 but just very expensive

yes thats true but intel 10th gen processors dont support pcie x4 speeds, they cap out at gen 3 speeds unless you have 11th gen

I got 970 pro because of the TBW and also the data transfer speeds on larger files.

i have a ryzen 9 5900hx in an asus rog strix 15 laptop.

How do i find out which generation ssd my processor will support?

By checking the cpu or mainboard specs…

Amd has supported pcie gen4 since 3000 series so ur fine.

Also it doesn’ t matter at all for chia plotting.
Important thing is sustained write speed and that os always lower than even gen 3 max speed