Which pool do you prefer? Add your prefered pool(s)

I say prefer, because pays are nearly identical. If the only thing you care about is the pay rate, then stay where you are, if that pools wins about 2 blocks a day (or daily pays match that).

I think I stay solo (and just forget about it, now replotting done 100%).
Personally, I tried 3 pools, by order of preference:

  1. Space Pool, once bookmarked, the dark theme stays dark on the next launch
  2. Flexpool, the dark theme again, even bookmarked as dark, you have to select it again on the next launch (somewhat annoying)
  3. Poolharvest, paid to your address on every block win + the perfect plot size estimation (the best of its class)

I am proud to say that now I am “hpool free” =free of hidden fees, no more submission to audition for withdraws (what a joke!)

My very last pay has been requested for auditioning to withdraw (You see the joke?).

Side note: cheaters or no cheaters, their pool fees (cough, +hidden fees are not effected). Only miners might be effected if there are cheaters. So why take 25% (hidden fees) on micro block win shares! (No, 25% taken on your tiny brown copper coins, you didn’t feel anything. But it stays 26% fee (=1% pool + 25% hidden fees) nonetheless.

For some getting out of hpool is not an option: they filled their 20TiB disk space on a personal PC through an external SSD with 2 plots per day. What a pain if to do all that again.

A good deal of information can be obtained from Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools (miningpoolstats.stream)

For NFT plots, if all being equal, the payouts are nearly identical, but the chances of receiving rewards are slightly better by joining a pool with biggest netspace, where possible, with assumption that the pool won blocks at least according to winning probability, or better. Flexpool or Spacepool are okay to me.

For OG plots, I have joined Hpool, corepool and lastly Foxy-pool (OG) both Chia and Flax. The reason of leaving Hpool is pretty obvious, in addition to that it is bit troublesome to turn off/on its client everytime you need to start forks chain, just my personal experience. For corepool, I find the third-party app consume too much cpu/hdd reads, and it’s often stop farming unexpectedly. So far Foxy-pool is smooth sailing and it rewards 0.25 XCH to winning farmer, similar to NFT plots.

Slowly plotting NFT plots to fill available space. My OG plots still stay until foreseeable future.

I went with space pool because of its size. I prefer the idea of smaller but more regular payments so that if my internet drops or there’s a power cut or I need to maintain my computer, I don’t risk loosing out on one big payment because I happen to not be farming at that particular moment.

I have used core-pool, hpool, foxy-pool, and space-pool. I liked core-pool for OG and space-pool for NFT. I have used foxy-pool for Flax, and liked it. The only downside is the 1.75 xch may not work for a lot of small farmers. Core-pool has a minimum payout of 0.05xch, and they have done a very good job in weeding out the dishonest farmers. HPool operators are crooks.

Space pool’s minimum payout is 0.01xch.

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How do you mean, what were the dishonest farmers up to?

I mean Core-pool has a minimum payout of 0.05xch. Thanks for pointing it out.

Dishonest farmers double farm – solo + pool using the same plots. And there is a problem with fake plots.

Are the NFT plots still vulnerable to that? I thought that was only the original plots.

Mind you, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before an exploit will be found if not already.

I believe none of the NFT plot exploits have been exposed yet.

Core-pool recommendation is for OG plots. There are a lot of farmers who do not want to replot.

Oh, right you’re talking about core-pool and OG plots. It makes sense now you’ve edited your post, I thought there’d been an exploit of NFT plots on space pool I hadn’t heard about.

Anyway, sorry to derail the thread.

I am on poolchia and still have plots on Hpool. I should finally fill all of my space tonight and will then begin replotting to get off of Hpool.

Poolchia has been pretty good. Not smooth, but very good support and someone is always present on discord. Constantly improving. I think it will be a solid choice in the long run. The only pool I could find where you actually know who is running it and can see their bios. Running on Amazon and based in the US.

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I’ll just say this - FindChia.

I’ve chosen this pool because of its way too cool support management, constant airdrops and 0% fee for withdrawing (because I registered till the end of the summer)

Like it’s really way too cool - you need to check this out

Have you considered that this is a subtle hint that you should come join us on the light? :smiley:

I’ll keep an eye for the pool airdrops :slight_smile:

https://chia.foxypool.io/ is the only pool you need

We are a somewhat new/small pool trying to make a living through transparency.

You should consider https://openchia.io

if you’re a big farmer almost all the rewards would go to you anyway :smiley:

I like your setup. If I join you guys now, I’ll be bigger than your pool, lol. :slight_smile:

Haha it would be fun to watch ; )