Who has had a luckier day?

Well, today has proven to be a very lucky day. Here is a chiadog log from one of my remote harvesters.
2 rewards, 1 day, only 226 plots (on that farm).

I’ll take it.
Let’s see who is luckier!


HECK yeah. that is insane

Congrats! :tada:

Interestingly I got my first block reward around 250 plots as well. (A few days ago.)

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I got my first 2 with only 20 plots… Its the only reason I have two new 8 TB hdd’s with more plots now… :smiley:


i did win an award on the 16th on a harvester with about 120 plots, which was super awesome. was projecting 3 months at the time of the win. think the machine was up and farming for like 1 day.


That is crazy lucky. congrats!

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