Who is dropping out?

Hey guys,

with chia netspace declining I wonder who dropped out, why and what your ploz size was. I am looking forward to replies.


This is good news, more yield for those who see the long game :wink:


It seems my farm has lost sync 19 hours ago and is unable to sync. I am surprised. I have good internet connection and two very capable computers. I have not had this problem since June.

DM us at Elysium Pool if you’d like help getting back up and running!

I cant keep up with the node i think many users have issues like me thats we

What version are you running? If it is older, you need to upgrade. Also, hopefully, your DB did not get corrupted.

Documented my drop out 2 months back on here. I had a beast of a plotter, over 100tb disk space and was making 40-60pence a day barely, while electric was expensive.

2 months later and I’m pleased I did, I repurposed the rig and how for half the electric making close to £120 a month with the same setup.

Chia is a huge waste for home plotters, you are left with crumbs while the big fish swallow the profits. Do yourself a favour and jog on

If you had a beast of a plotter and only 100TB, you did it all wrong.


What did you do to make this with the same rig ?

People only build “beast” plotters if they plan to build the capacity to support the speed it plots at. No point racing to plot 100tb when you can plot it with a much weaker system and end up having higher capacity when are you done plotting.

£120 per month is roughly £4 a day, for 100tb that means whatever he is farming earns him almost three times what Chia is valued at today. So fair enough repurpose for that size of a farm, unless that dips or Chia goes up.

Everyone must find whatever works best for them, hats off to you.

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Correct, no point building a savage BladeBit plotter and then plotting 100TB :rofl:


It’s ok, stay ignorant. By all means, stay loyal to Chia, but the facts are the ROI is peanuts.
Obviously this forum is going to be pro-Chia and i expect nothing less from posters like you with vested interests in the project.

But for me, speaking from experience, from taking part in the project, the returns are pathetic, CHIA is dead in the water, there is zero momentum, zero leadership, nil marketing and ultimately a huge waste of electricity.

Troll away all you want supporters, but facts don’t lie. Go look up my previous post on this subject, this isn’t a one-time observation.

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Apologies for the typo, i gave the 100tb plots to someone else.
I am using 8tb disks with around 62TB to get the £120… The bonus is that 8TB are so much quieter than 16TB ones… People who have tried 8 and 16TB sata drives will know exactly what I mean :wink:

Mind sharing what your doing?

No ignorance here, ignorance is building incorrect architectural configurations for Chia plotting and farming…

I am happy with my 75XCH and will continue to farm with my 400TB.

I have no interest in your other ‘scheme’.

Good luck in your endeavours, please try to do some research before making big decisions though.

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Looks like you didn’t read my reply… making £120 vs peanuts in Chia proves my research has paid off.

Glad you’re happy with your 75XCH… Might I suggest that you look at the current price of XCH. That price is heading in one direction (down), so might be best to cut your losses now. But if you’re a HODLer then enjoy the nail-biting long game.

Thanks, I built the correct configuration for plotting and farming so I am in a decent position.

From the outset, I stated that my timeline for this is 3-5 years. Nothing has changed that.

Of course, people dropping out is fantastic for me as the netspace drops so more XCH rewards for those remaining.


I’m curious as well, mind telling us what you’re farming. Looked at the values of most of the HD alternatives and none are at the value of TB per £ as you mentioned.

Seeing this also as long game. People like sharpharp think they will be rich in 2-3months this guys will never make al lot of money.

No Lambo so I am packing it all in after less than 12 months…