Who runs xchscan?

Because xchscan appears to have lost sync a week ago

No idea, maybe use the contact us form on the site.

I put one of my addresses in and Its missing some of my blocks.

Its clearly behind, just by looking at most recent block.

You can check out in our explorer and let me know if you need any help in checking it.

I don’t think it’s behind.
On it’s homepage it gives 2.010.xxx as current block and netspace seems stuck but also it updates the latest block and latest transaction there at actual heights.
It also logs my daily pool earnings fine.
@drhicom If your xch/block are spread out over several addresses, those addresses will only report part of total blocks, not all. Only the chia wallet accumulates all blocks on all related addresses.

It seems the entire upper section of the page is stuck…

On the Tokens tab all the wins have the same address. And the Summary total balance is different than XZCHSCAN. Strange

Yeh, I noticed the summary section (that upper part with the price and netspace) was stuck a week or so ago because that was the page I was using to keep up-to-date on the price. But the block explorer is still live. I use it to keep track of my cold wallet and it updates like it should.