Why a harvester network is far superior than one chia node

one major reason

Each pc has its maximum bandwidth… the usb controller can only handle so much.

if u plug all those hard drives in via usb to just one machine.
It will choke.
And perform at a fraction of its said speed. Even when testing: unless u can test all drives at the same time…

U can’t get max read speeds for every usb drive at the same time. Won’t work

The situation worsens severely with usb2.0

I’d say if u had 4 hdds plugged in usb 2.0 to the same pc…. You would never farm a block.
I don’t care how many tb the drives are.

You won’t win.

Ur shooting urself in the foot

I think there’s a serious problem with the understanding of chia.

Stay sharp

You don’t need the max speed, not even close and you don’t need to access all the drives at the same time.

Not really, usb3 uses more “devices” and thus fills up the max supported of your OS more quickly.

How do you even come up with this utter nonsense? Plenty of farmers with tons of usb drives on 2.0 are getting blocks right on the money (I have 7 myself)

Get a grip


I think there’s a serious problem with your understanding of chia.

Why not try something before posting a expert opinion. I have 12270 plots spread on 97 drives. 72 of these are external drives all connected with USB 2 to 3 different RP4s. My farmer is a PC and it has 3 internal drives and 22 external drives also only using USB 2 and I’m getting blocks as expected.


Just look at all the people that are using Raspberry PI-4’s with all those USB drives.

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Exactly. Poor fools. Figured people would not like this. :joy:

How many blocks have u one

Your trolling right? Your like a plumber telling an electrician how to wire a house. You have some basic understanding, but don’t seem to have hands on knowledge on what’s actually happening when chia plots are read on your HDs through a USB port. You need to do some more research on Chia farming before coming on here and typing coherent nonsense.


Depends greatly on the filesystem used. How much the disks are actually hit up. And not so much to do with chia… but okey

Wow this is just wrong! The topic looked good at frist but the post only focuses on one slim case that is wrong and not helpful


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