Why am I not getting any xch yet?

Dear friends,
I have around 1500 plots and has not farmed any xch yet. Can anyone explain why is that and if this is normal or what?
Windowd GUI says it takes 2 months or maybe more till I farm any xch.
Please share your information about this.
Thank you in advance.

sounds about right. 1 TiB of plots will get you (on average) 0.00026 XCH per day.
you have about 150 TiB, so that would be 0.039 XCH/day.
So a block of 2 XCH will take 51 days, or about 2 months.

But because of the way Chia works, there is an element of chance involved. Every day you have a certain chance to win a block (more plots=more chance), it could be tomorrow could be in 2 more months or you could win 2 block next week and then nothing for many months after that.
The 2 month estimate is what you should be getting on average when you look over a period of a year or longer.

This is the main reason a lot of people want to be in a pool, because that way, you get a steady revenue.


Thank you so very much for your time and detailed explanation. I am also self pooling. Does that make any difference? I have around 900 plots in that NFT pool.

That should not make a difference no, other than that it makes it easy to join a pool when you want to that you already have a lot of portable plots

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I got lucky and won 2 XCH with 220 plots in 20 days of farming. Now I’m pooling with 540 plots.

Two possibilities.

  1. Bad luck so far, keep farming. I have 1000 plots farming with Flax and despite the GUI saying 5 days to win it has been 20+ days but no XFX. But I might win 2 blocks tomorrow, who knows. They are also chia plots so it’s no biggie its costing me very little to double farm them.

  2. Setup issues. Make sure you have good response times. I think you can check this by going to the daemon folder and running ./chia plots check -n -1 this will just test response times. Under 5 seconds is considered to be fast enough for a block solution to complete if you happen to have one. The GUI on the Farm tab under “last attempted proof” will show a number of “plots passed filter” with 1000 plots you want to be seeing 2-4/1000 showing.

As said already join a pool. Which you can do using the official protocol if the plots were made associated to an NFT you created. If not you can replot them, or join an unofficial pool which can use OG (non nft) plots.

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Everyone need to remember that the Estimated Time to Win is really an estimated time you MIGHT win. Its all based upon luck, just like the person who purchases 100 lottery tickets may not win, but the person who purchases just one might win. The more plots you have the better your chances are of winning, and if in a Pool the higher percent payout you will receive. I currently have 3516 plots and have only won once, but when Space Pool started the first block won was by someone just starting with only a single plot.