Why are my plots so slow?

I’m getting ready to build my 2nd rig with a 10850k and better ssd’s but for now I’ve been plotting on my 8700k with 32gb of ram and plotting on a sata ssd to my hdd at the moment until I receive my 980s later this week. I ran 2 plots in parallel with 2 threads and 3.25gb of ram and phase 1 on my first plot took 36,000 seconds? and my 2nd plot took 46,000 seconds just for phase 1? Is sata ssd responsible for taking this long or is there something else that could be causing my issue?

well yes sata is slow, but with that speed it’s probably the drive itself, not the sata bandwidth that is causing that. One sata disk is not equal to the other, some have really low sustained write speeds.

Also, you have set your RAM a bit low, should be 3400 minimum for good performance. And if you have the threads to spare, why not run them at 4, should speed up phase 1.

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Thanks for the tips! I understand the hardware side of things pretty well but the software side and optimizing plots and efficiency is still a little new to me but when these 2 current plots finish, ill go back and try 2-3 in parallel and allocate more threads and ram to them and see what happens