Why are points decreasing with the GUI and pooling?

This has been happening the last two days. Pooling with Space.

That drop you see at the end (what you are circling) is a dynamic graph. As points are earned during that period, it will change (it will move that line up). You are probably looking at it during the very beginning of that period. Look at it in 30 minutes and it will look different.

Okay, I’ll do that. Though I’m sure from last night, it doesn’t go back up.

If you hold your mouse over the graph, you will see that the section that is downhill is probably 0-2 hours ago. That means that it is basically now. It will change as new points are earned. It will bounce up and down during the 2 hour periods depending on how many points are earned during that period.

It looks like you shut down the GUI in the last 12 hours sometime. That will skew anything you saw last night because that information is now lost. The chart only shows what has been earned since the last start of the GUI (and only the last 24 hours).

I am not sure that there is any improvement.

Now that’s a problem. You need to look at your log and see what is going on. You can go into powershell and run this command to see what the pool is saying:

Get-Content "~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log" -Wait | select-string -pattern "pool response" -encoding ASCII

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Just one other note. I just went to check my points in the GUI and my chart looked almost exactly like yours. My stomach dropped. But then just as I began to freak out, it updated and looks right. So maybe it is possible that your graph just isn’t updating? Or is really slow to update. Either way, the log will tell the truth.

There is no graph anymore!

I’ll take a look at the logs. Thanks for the tip

So it seems I had to restart to get powershell running. Odd. When I run the script I get the following:

2021-08-24T19:40:17.944 farmer chia.farmer.farmer : INFO Pool response: {‘new_difficulty’: 12}
2021-08-24T19:40:57.529 farmer chia.farmer.farmer : INFO Pool response: {‘new_difficulty’: 12}

Also the plot points graph has shot up again after restart. I will run the script again once it/if goes down again. Something is fishy here.

You can just leave the script running if you like. That way you don’t miss anything the gets purged from older logs. The “new difficulty” message is what you should be getting. Anything else is normally and issue.

If powershell wasn’t working, you may have bigger issues with your OS that is causing the issues in Chia.

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It might be the OS, but not sure what exactly. It seems, the logs are not readable after a while. Something might be going to sleep.

Here is the debug folder location:

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