Why cant I see amount of plots in the GUI?

I have two computers where I both plot and store my finished plots.

The one to the left is on my main computer and the one on the right is on my backup (which later on will be where I’ll move all my plots).

How come the one to the right shows 0 plots? I have 10 there at the moment, which I can see if I check the Chia GUI on that computer.

On the machine that is showing zero go to the Plots tab and click refresh. Then go back to the pool tab and see if the number of plots is now correct. There is a bug that is preventing the number from updating in the GUI on some machines, which is probably what you are experiencing.

Regardless of the number being displayed though your plots ARE being farmed. It is just a bug in the display of the number of plots.

I can see them perfectly on that machine, its on the other one it still show as 0. It’s odd how it only is visible on the machine it is farming on…