Why do you still prefer hpool?

hello guys and gals,
I am really curious about reasons of why people still use hpool instead of official pools. I run my farming on spacepool. it is obvious that you can earn more from official pools than hpool. (i tried with my 40tib both of them)
Please dont get me wrong i have respect for all of you but i am curious. please enlight me.

No replotting OG plots while also using the same plots for forks. It’s only 0.25xch extra when you hit a block on official pools how often are you going to hit blocks vs. just making 0.25xch in a couple/few days on hpool without replotting.

If you make 0.25 XCH in a couple/few days with hpool then you’d hit blocks pretty often.

HPool/OG plots will take a while to die out - lots of people paid too much money for their plots either directly through rip-off plotting services, or indirectly by burning through SSDs. Personally I’m replotting for NFT pools, but not pushing the machines I used to plot as hard as I did the first time around - it takes as long as it takes. If I get more storage I’ll prioritise making new NFT plots rather than replotting existing ones, but will get there eventually and be 100% NFT.


i need to say that its not about 0.25 xch. as my results show there is a difference around %15-20 more benefits even hpool have 11x netspace. Also there are some bad news for you my friend. As i talked with the head of some forks like hddcoin. they said they are working for transfering to the nft plot system.

I am still using hpool and core-pool for OG.I use hpool because core-pool has no client for linux, and a portion of my plots are on a remote linux machine. If I have a choice I would never use hpool. It has only yielded 75% of the theoretical xch. They have a double farming problem, and I suspect they are also stealing from the farmers.

That’s not true at all… expected time to win for my OG plots on official chia is just under 2 weeks while hpool is paying out .10-.11 XCH everyday.

It’s okay, these forks have such tiny netspace that I got more coins than I care for just farming them with my current OG plots; I bet the majority of them aren’t even going to survive in a few weeks/months but it’s fun seeing hundreds/thousands of coins for them :rofl:

Why waste time and effort on deleting OG plots. Producing them cost money. That’s why. Anyway with the way official pooling going it is actually false that you get more with official pools. Those calculators do not give you accurate figures on your earnings with plots. Official pools a lot will die. The cost of maintaining the infrastructure etc will outweigh the fees.

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I don’t understand this argument. Even on Hpool’s own website the difference in earnings is quite clear and both is PPS, so not estimate.
OG: 0.20 /PiB per day
OP: 0.25 /PiB per day + 0.25 farmer reward when the block is yours

I mean that adds up to about 28% more per day

Right, so you could win up to an extra 0.5XCH a month if you did NFT pooling on top of your 0.1-0.11XCH daily pool earnings, plus you’d get a higher daily / PiB payout from NFT pooling, even if you didn’t win blocks. Using original plot pooling is like turning your rig off for ~5 days out of every month.

In the short term it’s cheaper not to replot, in the long term does depend on how expensive plotting is for you but will eventually pay off.

Do what you prefer of course, but make sure you know what it is you’re doing.

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Those figures are an estimation. I compared what I’m getting from actual results and the figures are different from published. At the end of the day if you are less than 1PB the differences are so small it wouldn’t matter. If your chasing that fraction more but have to replot 500TB the extra whatever you get is lost in the cost of re plotting. That why people prefer HPool and that’s why people using OG plots. What you are asking is like Apple asking why doesn’t every one update to the newest iPhone as soon as it comes out.

Well I’ve been on Hpool for 2 months before replotting, seemed to me that the estimate was pretty spot on in the long run.
You get 20% less than what you should get according to Chia Explorer.
PPS OP pools are paying out substantially more (+15% or more) than Hpool OG while only receiving 7/8 of the rewards.

To each his own, but I consider 20% less earnings to be quite a lot, especially over 10 years time.

The cost of replotting is a fair argument, I guess this is different for everybody according to your setup. I’m using ramdisk for 75% of the writes so all it cost is a bit of time and some lost revenue while replotting, but over the next few years, that’s a small investment.

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If you’re under a few PB it will take you a long time to determine if the figures are different from published.

But, I agree with you, that the cost of replotting is what is putting people off NFT pools. But, bear in mind, you can replot as slow as you like, deleting one at a time, on the hardware that gets the best bang for buck. Certainly no need to rush to replot because you’ve still got a chance to win solo or OG pool with the existing plots.

The new pools will also start turning off soon as they will not be able to recoup their costs to maintain pools. Be more interesting to see how many of these pools survive. I never brought my plots but for this who did. They would most likely never pay to replot as they were the ones that spent the most for nothing in real return. The people who did the plot as a service were the ones laughing and printing money. FOMO is the biggest driver in all of this. I would rather keep my OG plots and if XCH grows and get some returns than consider buying more HDD and plotting new NFT.

I think smaller pools doing PPS, pools with 0% fees, and pools running costly incentives to keep farmers will die, but I’d be surprised if there aren’t 4 or 5 big pools that last, and the NFT pooling model for XCH means a few big pools aren’t nearly as worrying as one huge OG pool.

I don’t see HPool OG growing anywhere near as fast as it did, and assuming netspace picks up again, not growing means getting relatively smaller.

in my experience
Hpool: 3$
Spacepool: 3.80 - 4 $
so why should i let the hpool get my extra 1$. Please dont forget it is now around 1$ difference maybe in next future it can be 1k$ or 0.01$.

It is obvious hpool made the best profit from the this chia project. and its all because of chia network’s mistake. And yes some of pools will close i can understand it. but the thing that i can not understand you trust chia but dont trust spacepool or flexpool which are good ones.

And also please stop talking like if you have more than 1pib it will be so hard. If you have already plotted 1pib i bet you have nice setup and high daily plotting capacity.


HPool also has official protocol pool running and pays better than space pool, partly because of the promotional daily XCH airdrops

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hpool find chia often not paying more profitable. because hpool have more chance to find chia because of their netspace.

They were first and people would rather stay where they know they’ve been paid in the past. In fact you can join the hpool discord for their official pool (not OG) and see that there are many user complaints, but it doesn’t matter, they just keep coming to the place they’re familiar with.

And, why OG? Many people stopped farming weeks ago or at least they’re not replotting because the cost is not worth it given the Chia price and the network space.

I plotted on a 980 pro and still replotting on it, shows 150% usage but still as fast as day one. This “burning through ssd” myth is only relevant if you have hundreds of Terabytes, which most people don’t.

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