Why does chia attract dumb&dumber more than even bitcoin?

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Great story.

A whole bunch of unfounded accusations and other bs without any proof whatsoever.

Good job :clap:


He is clearly aiming at provocation, just ignore.

A person who would like to genuinly inform people would provide proper evidence for their bold claims.


Ooh someone has some issues. Take a breath buddy. Life is too short to get mad about… y’know I’m not sure what you’re mad about, everything apparently.


One might guess all the anger and rage is based on some unfortunate personal experience, but none is given. Too bad, as the rant comes off as well… just a rant… maybe some truth, but who knows?

While I admit that it is shocking how little clue the average chia farmer has about pc hardware or how chia works in general (e.g., “I want to sell my HDDs with x plots”), I also have to admit that chia is much more complex and complicated compared to eth, where you just sign up at a pool, edit the start.bat and double click it.


50% oF XcH HoLdErS HaVe Had ThEir XCh StOlen…

wipes drool from chin
keeps babbling

cool story bro.

I admit, as an IT guy trained in warranty repair on computers, laptops and servers by the big 3, that I know more than most and I don’t understand Chia. I am not a programmer. I nearly failed programming 101 in college. But… This ramble is stupid. I have said some unsubstantiated things here on the forum, but I check myself and correct myself. I admit when I am wrong. This is plain stupid. I busted out laughing reading it. And I could not finish the entire ramble.


I get the impression this guy heard about this new tech called Chia, threw a bucket load of time and money at it, and now mad because he isn’t raking in the dough (even though youtube told him he’d become a millionaire). Now he’s throwing a mega tantrum and calling chia stupid. pffft. hahahaha. the irony.


If I don’t count hardware I already had for over a year prior to jumping onto Chia, I only have about $400 invested in Chia total. I said that when I spent $200 that I would quit buying drives, but I found a few deals at the store I couldn’t afford to pass up. Yesterday, I about doubled my plotting capacity (not speed). Do I expect to get rich quick? As someone who is dirt poor living off of my credit card, I can assure you that Chia is a game to me. If I can use pooling as a retirement plan (should it last that long), then great. If not, then so be it. I can find uses for the hardware I have. Some people who buy so much they have to offload it onto eBay are plain dumb in my opinion. I think this guy is either one of them or someone who hates all the small time farmers just slowing him down and lowering his solo chances of winning anything.

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But the Russians are laughing their arses off, essentially they get people to send them public-keys from real chia plots; then they use those credentials on HPOOL to submit fake plots; So in time the original owner of the pubic-keys gets banned, but in the short term the Russians make $$$;


I dont 't know if this is even possible but my guess would be they spoof the fake plots the same way as the other cheaters do on Hpool but use the stolen keys to get a new binding code. This would enable them to sign up multiple times? Or this is just a whole lot of FUD…

OP: Why don’t you share you story? My guess is you spent a lot of money on a Thread Ripper build and than went and farmed some of the forks and ended up getting banned from Hpool? I am also guessing you ran to Chia back in May because you weren’t able to get any GPU’s and wanted to get in on Crypto mining.

Just based of off your word usage and syntax you sound like someone that sits around watching Fox News and CNBC all day and is lost in the propaganda cult. What does being “woke” or “young” have to do with Chia? Why are you assuming that “Russian” programmers are inherently dishonest? You are comparing Bitcoin from 2014 when it was 5 years old to Chia that launched a couple months ago. Why? Chia is still multiple years away from its first halving and has major VC backing to expand the network. Seems like you got into something you knew nothing about and are now complaining because you didn’t do the proper research…


its easier to rant than to do the proper research and have an informed opinion… also I bet he came to the party too late… Wonder why his name is not “whenLambo”…

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as for the not green, many are burning through equipment not designed for this kind of use. bought from the used market.

anyone conscious about the environment recycle responsibly. hdd/ssd is hardly any more toxic than a GPU/mining rig. considering manufacturing, runtime and afterlife.

what has been consumed till now is a high percentage of already existing equipment. as they explain, consumer grade ssd are meant for burst of workload. since there is now a market for it, r&d can be done. disks have had little incentive for research.

it is still very early days of chia. as someone looking 4 years ahead for investment, i am very optimistic.

insane fast roi for mining (10-12months is still a good investment, esp if there is enough salt to stop the pool growing as fast) is seems to be over for now. stealth buying and/or developing services is what i look into

regards, dumber

As far as I knew it, the GREEN aspect of Chia was only that the biggest players like corporations or data centers and such would have massive amounts of storage sitting idle. They could do Chia as a way to utilize the storage and servers and such sitting idle. The “greenness” would be where wasted energy on under utilized servers or storage sitting empty would be put to a use and not impacting anything majorly. The Chia team never intended (although they knew this would happen) for a bunch of people plotting at like 10TB to be involved.

“I’m all in on Chia” -Caleb


Seems like someone who invested money he cannot afford to lose is being butt hurt on the short term.

Are you dumb or dumber!? Personally I love Harry and Lloyd! Classic Jim Carrey movie of my era!!! Singing “Mock, yeah! Ing, yeah!”

I don’t know of anybody in BITCOIN that claims that “I earned zero for mining chia solo 3+ months, and I’m winning, cuz I didn’t use Hpool”

Well your all here now, you waited for the approved pools and they’re here, and they’re 99% scam’s, who would have known?

Now what? Where do you go from here? What’s next task will ol chia-net Bram&Gene call for you to fetch? Maybe the witches broom? You were all good dumb-asses followed directions to the tee; Now what?