Why does chia need a wallet file?

Why does the chia protocol need other files for every different wallet? Bitcoin and ethereum doesn’t need one as far as i know. So why chia?

The software looks at the blockchain for the creation of wallet file but isn’t other crypto currencies do this and don’t have a wallet file? I’m asking because it keeps growing even though i didn’t do any transaction.

Multiple wallets happened because of NFT implementation. Each NFT must have its own wallet. Unless you create more than one NFT you only have one main wallet and one NFT wallet.

Every wallet is actually part of the blockchain. Every blockchain requires GUI files for each wallet if you create and use more than one wallet.

Actually, in the early days BTC and ETH required you to have a full DB file to run the local “original” client made by the devs. You had to fully sync to the chain before you could have up to date wallet info.

Then over the years post-launch along came multitude of third party wallet providers and chain upgrades allowing for improved wallet experiences. Chia is currently in that same growing stage, where those wallets need to evolve out of both our own development efforts (on the way soon!) and those same third parties from before.