Why does netspace occasionally dip?

Is somebody saying 20 EiB (!), What the Heck!, I’m out of here or something?


These bumps are regular … look at longer timescales. One month probably best shows the bumps.

I’ve read different theories for why they occur but I really have no idea.

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Maybe a whale went offline for a bit? Networking issues?

windows up date on hpool

Its a regular and similar effect. An upsurge followed by a downturn before the next few days going up at a more regular rate.

Looks more systemic than whale, or big whale systemic, lolz!

I’m leaning with you two and thinking probably related to hpool.

@Dan posted this on another thread (same topic). I is the best description of why this happens that I have seen.


Above seems like a really good explanation, but I had assumed the difficulty reset worked much faster than that. Also:

And yes I also think more and more people are calling it quits


“appear to have been”

Bram doesn’t really know the cause either, or at least he is not going to tell us. :woozy_face:

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Netspace is estimated by looking at the number of blocks found for the current difficulty.
The difficulty is then adjusted on 24hr basis to make sure enough (not too many or too little) blocks are found in a day.
When this difficulty gets adjusted the very next estimation uses an updated difficulty that is more accurate… and slips over time, causing the ‘sawtooth’ in the graph.

in short: it has nothing to do with plots disappearing from the netspace… but with a more accurate netspace estimation.


Spacing of the saw tooth graph is more of a 3 day occurrence and is not completely regular. There is still some difficulty with the incorrectly estimated 24hr theory as the event is definitely not daily.

I came to say basically this :grin:

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