Why does v 1.8 not support compressed plots yet?

Hi, does anyone know why the new 1.8 still doesn’t seem to support compressed plots, though some of the 1.7 dev versions do?

In January (3 months ago), the Chia team proudly announces:

" Q: When will it be released?
A: Bladebit Diskplot and Ramplot with support for compressed plotting are feature complete and undergoing internal testing. The Chia client support with farming the compressed plots is being actively finished, and we will release the entire package with cross-platform and OS support into the beta program when it is feature complete."

I’m surprised to see that 1.8 still doesn’t seem to support this, or am I wrong?

Compressed plots are still alpha, that’s why


(C) “Because i said so that’s why!” :cowboy_hat_face:

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it does you just need right alpha Version for Example:

i use it allready more than 2 weeks

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thanks for that, I was still using the 1.7 alpha build… now eagerly waiting for GPU harvesting as my lookup times are falling behind despite a strong CPU…

does it support 128Gb setup yet? also where can i download it from?

the 1.8dev version has much better CPU support for decompression, at least for lower end CPU as the 1.7 version only used default settings.

In 1.8, you can tweak the config.yaml settings:
“parallel_decompressors_count” (p)
" decompresser_thread_count" (t)

Where total CPU threads = p x t
Higher p, uses slightly more memory
Higher t, usually leads to better lookup times.

I’m running 140Tib of c4 plots on an i3-6100, low cpu usage and lookup times are mostly under 1 sec

c6 and especially c7 seem to be a lot more challenging for CPU’s though


Patience seems to be a sparse human treat lately. CNI is working on it, chill out and farm as usual :slight_smile:

Doesn’t help when you “announce” compression in January and people are wondering in May where we stand…

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Super helpful, thanks!

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Well they had things working no? Nobody ever said they would have GPU farming available in January. They are pretty close releasing GPU farming seeing the current Github activity though.


I didn’t refer to GPU farming, even CPU farming for compressed plots would have been o.k. for the bulk of the users I would assume (at least as an option…). If you run your farm on a Pi then that might not work but for others it could… anyway, I think we’re nearly there…