Why don't we still know what exchanges will list Chia?

It’s less than a week now and we still don’t know which exchanges are going to list Chia. Is this a common practice in cryptocurrency world or is Chia being extra secretive?

Just don’t understand what would be the downside of announcing it earlier. This way people would have time to open accounts in those exchanges and have time to verify their accounts. Isn’t it in Chia’s best interest anyway?

Please let me know what I’m missing here.


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NDAs are in place. Read their business white paper.


Yeah, that’s kinda what’s I’m asking.

Why NDAs? Why the secrecy? What difference would it make if we knew it a week prior to listing?

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Unfair advantage. You, as a normal person, would probably not have a chance to buy chia. Various companies, with their resources, would beat everyone in buying chia as an investment.

So if everyone knows at the same time. Everyone has a fair chance.

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I didn’t found anything specific in the whitepaper about the NDA’s.
Could you please show us a quote?

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Not sure if it’s in the whitepaper but it’s been mentioned many many many times by Gene Hoffman both in video and online.

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The company signs NDAs with the exchanges when they agree to list them. There is no way the Company is going to break that NDA. Period. As to why the exchanges aren’t saying anything yet, we have no idea. It could be they want to wait until transactions are live to test, etc. Who knows. We’ll find out when we find out.

Couldn’t find anything about NDA’s specifically in the white paper, but I do remember hearing it from Hoffman somewhere.

Did find some information in the white paper related to what exchanges will probably list Chia:

Page - 23

Digital Money Exchanges
The Company communicates often with platforms that exchange digital assets including digital money. In September 2019 Coinbase announced that chia was one of the seventeen assets they were currently considering for inclusion after those assets launched. In September 2020 Bitstamp announced that chia was one of the digital assets they were exploring support for. The Company expects to provide technical support to such platforms and potentially engage in joint marketing.

Its listed as IOU on gate.io and it was on hotbit until they got attack and are now under maintenance

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j’ai fait des recherches

https://www.gate.io/trade/XCH_USDT 802$

https://www.mxc.com/trade/easy#XCH_USDT 1300$

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I hope at least uniswap will make possible trading for the first few weeks.

Not exchanges. Those are IOUs

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ok merci de cette précision

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