Why Hpool still need our mnemonic key for using their NFT Pool?

Hello guy

so some days ago i try spacepool, but recently i have some issue with them, so i want to change pool, i look back to hpool which i try at some time ago for my OG Plot, but what surprised me, why they still need our mnemonic ??? Can someone give a clue ???

We use pool plots key to sign blocks found. However we don’t ask for your mnemonic we give you a simple open source tool to get the pool plots key. Likely HPool needs your mnemonic for the pool plots key and it’s simpler for them to do the conversion for you but obviously riskier for you.

Laziness, they had code that worked so why rewrite it.

  • now they can use those keys whenever they want and just become a scampool

Um, no.
You don’t understand what happens when you input the mnemonic to that software.