Why I am using so low M.2 nvme percentage?

I am using the 5950x with 64 gb ram (3600) and 2 x nvme m.2 x 2tb (combined into 4tb)

What nvme’s are you using?

Also, Raid sometimes works great and sometimes it sucks, you might want to try using the disks separate to see how that goes.

Oh okay i didn’t know that… Any idea how to separate the again ? :blush:

go to storage spaces and remove the storage pool (assuming that’s what you used to create it in the first place)

No Idea if the raid is the problem though. Might also by that it’s just slow nvme’s or something else going on but it helps to rule things out.

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Sounds good, i will start by separating them first :blush:

My nvme is this : (connected to the board directly not with a pcie adapter :blush: