Why I can't be bothered to post here on the forums now

Just some feedback. So forums are private. They are under no obligation to anyone. Posting is a privilege, not a right. At the same time, most things come down to a judgement call. Where I take a hard pass is when someone decides that I’m not being nice enough or being too mean, too negative, not positive enough, etc. In other words, not having a free voice. There are plenty of rude arrogant people on the forums and because of that, I throw it back. But ultimately it comes down to a judgement call. Owners of a forum can remove posts. They could remove all posts that are negative towards Chia for example, but members wouldn’t know. There is no list. It’s laughable to me that I had my account suspended for being too negative. Again, there isn’t a panel. Removing content, banning, suspending, it’s all subjective.

Truthfully, there are very few members here who I would consider friendly. It’s largely why this forum “community” is stale. Nobody noticed this? Sure there is a lot of bitterness. People wasted big money on hardware. Now all that work turns out to be a waste because there will be a way to scrub all that and make up to 30% more income on the same hardware. It’s a slog. People lost big by going balls deep into Chia when it first pumped.

So in closing, I will say this community and Chia has never been so lifeless. In terms of value? I don’t see it. I see bitter old guys who invested far too much, who have no idea how to invest wisely into Chia because they did it the wrong way. That’s what I see. Even Mr. Digital Spaceport? The great Chia shill? He’s doing other topics. I wonder why. It’s also why active threads here are covering a coin that isn’t even Chia, but wouldn’t be clear to newcomers.

Have a great day everyone!

In the spirit of openness and transparency, we cannot know whether or not your suspension was justified, unless you include the details of why you were suspended. There was probably more of a reason provided to you than 3 words: “being too negative”.

If it would not be breaking any forum rules, then please copy/paste the text of what you were sent and by whom.

If you are seeking consensus on whether or not your suspension was proper, then we would need to know exactly what was conveyed to you by the person that activated your suspension.

We would also need to know if you were blind-sighted by the suspension, or if you were given warnings, ignored those warnings, resulting in your suspension. And were any such warnings justified?

Right now, all we have is “being too negative” and straight to a suspension. There must have been more messaging between you and forum leaders before you got suspended? Was there? If yes, were their warnings valid? If not, why?

Without seeing what you and they wrote (literally from copy/paste), all we have is you claiming that you were wronged. We have no way to gauge whether or not you are correct.

By the way, even if someone is “too negative”, I do not feel that that should result in a suspension. It really depends on the specific language used. “Too negative” can mean almost anything.

i was for being “too combative”, twice! :metal: :shamrock:

I think the moderation is not severe enough. I barely come here anymore, because many members stirr up drama for no real value added to the conversation.

I really wished some of the most vocal people here would be banned permanently.

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bears hibernate for a long time

chia is for our great grand kids.

hodl hodl hodl.

its gonna be like this for a looonnggg time.