Why is Chia overusing Ram like this?

Hello, I am plotting on two PC, one which is running fine and spits out a plot every 3 hours, the other (potentially stronger hardware) is extremely slow and Chia eats up tons of ram while running… It was meant to be for just plotting so I transfer the plots to the other PC and farm there.

My other PC does not look like that at all, lol.

Any ideas? Should I reinstall?

Thanks for the help

how much paralel ploting do you have each paralel ploting take by default 3390 MB memory

At the time of those shots was only running two plots due to the low speed… The bug log is full, I just dont know what the problme is and how to solve…

Could it be its missing the old plots I transferred to the other PC?

So went a head and tried to reinstall, Deleted all fills I could find and created a new key upon login. Now am getting this:

Would really appreciate any ideas…

So are you farming your old plots with a new key?

No, I just plotted with that machne and then moved the farms over to another machine, i was using the same key on both machines