Why is there claim rewards button?


what is this? why does this button exist? what is the purpose of it?

Shpank u! :tophat:

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The nft gets the 1.75 reward for mining

So if you solo and hit a block, that’s how you pull the 1.75 to your address.
Or I’d guess how the pool get the 1.75 to split up.

You mean i have to confirm my reward manually? What if i won’t?

The nft is smart contract code, so it splits the reward, .25 straight to the owner of the block, the 1.75 gets held until manually claimed either by the solo miner or the pool.

If you don’t it sits waiting for you to claim it.

I see. Thanks.

I left the pool few days ago, why do i still see it on my interface?

Should i be bothered with it?

Your self pooling ( solo farming ), you’ll need it to claim your reward if you hit a block.
Leave it be, it’s fine.

I make all my plots with madmax this way:

.\chia_plot.exe -n 18 -r 8 -u 128 -t p:\tmp1\ -2 p:\tmp2\ -d h:\final-dest\ -c space_pool_contract_address -f my_public key

Am i an idiot? Now my solo running is useless because all my plots where made for space pool and i also cannot join another pool?

It says self pooling on the nft.
You cropped it, does it show your plot count?

Yes it does. All my plots.

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I’ve nvr pooled, so I use the nft contract address rather than a pools.

Your good then, don’t worry.

The pool contract address doesn’t belong to space pool or any other pool. It belongs to the farmer’s nft and can be directed to any pool

At some point when pools were appeared i’ve been told to use madmax this way. Am i doing it the proper way? Why do I specify pool’s contract address in the first place? It’s weird …

Ohh… so it’s mine! Phew … Am I all good?

Where do I get this address? To specify it as -c key for madmax.

Ok i think i got it. Duuh … :poop:

Just read this guide (and there is also link to frequently asked questions):

If I have multiple NFT then how does I come to know that which farmer has won ?

When you create a nft you get a contract address with it, that you embed in the plot when you make it.