Why is there no Chia wallet for smartphones?

Chia has been around since 2018 and still no phone wallet for people to start paying for stuff with XCH.

Exactly how serious are its creators about driving people to use it?

Please excuse the rant but I really don’t get the strategy here.

There’s nucle chia wallet app

Thanks. It isn’t produced by Chia Network, Inc. though. How safe and reliable is it?

I think they’re working on bigger things.
Can’t do everything at once, give it time.

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What bigger things? Its been 4 years

Ignorant comment of the day. Congrats!


It is a good question. I don’t know the answer

I dont think it’s even been in full swing ( live ) a year has it, if so not by long.
As for what’s being worked on DYOR, watch some ama’s, or read a little.

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Chia has been in production since March 17, 2021. Just a tiny bit short of 4 years.

I would expect that everyday retail transactions are pretty low on the list of priorities for Chia Network Inc, but if you really care to understand their priorities and roadmap, the Trello board and other docs are out there.

Projects · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain (github.com)

None of the commonly used wallets for eth were made by the core devs