Why join aChia Pool?

Our motto is: build by chia farmer and build for chia farmer.
So we are open to community opinions.
Actually running a pool is super competitive.
We’re glad that you give us an assumption to clarify. But in business reality, there are so many factors that need to consider besides probability.
Please DM me for a deal for a higher level than Founder Council.
Thank for all comments.

I think that launching without a contract or agreement and asking us to come to you in a private chat for the details appears very shady.

You have no answers except, please come talk to me in private.

I visited your website. It is VERY thin. There are no links to any of the plans you very briefly outline on the front page, or any contract or corporate links. Your frequently asked questions are all cut and paste about Chia farming with nothing about pooling or how it works pooling with you. There is nothing in the blog section. I could have thrown that site together yesterday.

I went and found your post in reddit. Identical stuff to what you posted here and so new that there is not one reply (except mine, now).

What is your company’s name in Singapore? How is it registered? What is your address? Where are your contracts and agreements?

I google search aChia and find nothing but your posts. There is no basis for trust in any of the information you have posted here, on the Chia forums, or anywhere that I have located.

I give a solid thumbs down on my having any participation in your pool.

I will wait for a pool that is official and trustworthy.


I understand your concern.
The project just starts a month ago (the same time when Chia Network announces about they will public official pooling protocol).
There are many works behind the scenes. We only can public what we have done.
It takes time to trust someone. So just befriend and keep in touch.
We ask for nothing from you. You are free to choose any pool that you like and switch it any time you like.

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Nothing, but if for some reason someone that big would like to join, then it makes sense that this would have to be a custom deal, that you need to talk about privately. This is just a result of the crazy example made, and a side-track to the rest.

The normal offers are all very clear and public.

In their Faq, they say they already applied to Chia.net for permission to use the name like this. If they get it, that is about as official as any pool will get.

Agree that some more formal agreementmight be a good thing for signing up, as well as company registrations etc.

But in general you should not trust any pool, nor should you have to. Always withdraw earned funds to a secure wallet. ( @timmyan a automatic setting for this would be a nice to have )

If you don’t like the pool, you can switch to another one in 30 minutes, that ensures that pools will have to compete in terms of price and service. In the end only the good ones will stay around.

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Love your ideas for auto-withdraw to secure wallet. Farmers will love that. No more checking every day for boring tasks. I pass these ideas to our dev team to put into the pool function.

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aChia is a member of Chia pool test which is explicitly not an endorsement by Chia.

In their FAQ they say, “Do you get licensed for the name aChia” and they respond, “Yes, we do. We already processed to get licensed from Chia Network Inc. We will announce permissions from Chia Network ASAP”.

As far as I know they have permission to participate in Chia pool test net, nothing more. They may have applied for permission to use Chia in their name or to use the Chia Network Inc. trademark.

Processing and actually having a license are completely different things. Until they actually announce such license or endorsement from Chia this is just words on a website.

As far as I know, Chia has endorsed no one.

I would still like to see any contract, miner agreement, privacy policy, or any web presence other than aChia’s thin website and their posts which contain none of this information. There is none to be found and they will not answer publicly.

If nothing else aChia, has launched ineptly and prematurely.

Anyone who knows better, please correct me.

Hi All!

I tried to approach the achia pool but tells me on last step “Unable to accept to invite”. Someone knows why? I am full noob. Can someone put it step by step how to join it, what I need to do to make it work.


Hello Maxi.

aChia is still in development and IMO has launched early at best. They have no formal tech support, contract, miner agreement, privacy policy, or any web presence other their thin website and their posts which contain none of this information.

You can choose aChia, but there are more reputable options to choose from.

I would recommend against dealing with aChia until they have done their due diligence.

How you gonna handle different fees for different miners? As far as I know official protocol support only single fee for all.

Tnx Aspy68. That means better be patient and wait for the official pool.

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There won’t be official pool, only official protocol.


You will still need to choose which pool you want to join once official pool protocol has been released.

I have learned that joining any pool that is launched after, and is using, Chia official pool protocol is reasonably safe … as long as their business, technical and security abilities are up to the job.

I will be joining a pool after official pooling is launched. I will probably wait at least a couple of weeks and make my judgment as to where to pool at that time.

I would assume that hpool will be using the official protocol, and unless convinced otherwise, I will probably pool with them. They have an unblemished track record.

Good judgement and luck to all!

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imo they will do this if user base decreases significantly other wise they loose their high fees profit.

This pool should be called LamboPool, because it is only for the rich. Also, so much special treatment …