Why more than one outgoing 0.000000000001? Answer: WARNING: Can be result of creating more than one NFT or just happened because you joined a new pool

Hi all,

Just got this in transactions, what is this about?

Also is there a way to get rid of these. I want this page blank.


My guess is, you created and new NFT, that costs 1 mojo, or 0,000000000001 XCH

No, not yet. Later they will add a function to hide unused NFT’s
But unless you are using OG plots, you will always need at least 1 NFT for (self)pooling

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I was gonna answer , then realised who the OP was and thought, nah.

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Do not continue to create new NFTs. Every time you do so you end up with a new pool and a new wallet.

Plot to an existing NFT, do not create any new ones. So from now on just plot to one of your existing NFTs, Yellow Yak or Moccasin Octopus, whichever currently has more plots.

If you create over 18-19 wallets the Chia GUI cannot work with any more and the plots are basically useless.

Unfortunately I am well versed on this problem …

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I see, ok thank you. Maybe you give me the hand with the next one. How come my plot’s count keep growning under pool’s tab after all i went solo few weeks ago?

edited: I see, I must stick with my first NFT. ok gotcha.

what is OG plots anyway?

Ohh wow, i’m glad you told me that. Thanks for warning. :cowboy_hat_face:

Original, so not pool compatible

chia plotnft show

Wallet height: 909388
Sync status: Synced
Wallet id 5:
Current state: SELF_POOLING
Current state from block height: 807813

Wallet id 6:
Current state: SELF_POOLING
Current state from block height: 908778

Wallet #5 synced to what? Also why the have block height value different?

You now have 6 wallets. One is your main wallet and then you have 5 pooling wallets. You are not in big trouble yet but you must stop creating new NFTs right away. Stop hitting the create NFT and start plotting all new plots to ONE NFT. It is difficult to use more than than one NFT pooling, and each is so small as to be basically useless.

I would suggest you delete your 4 extra pool plots and stick with one NFT pool and pool wallet. Refer to message 80 in this thread for instructions:

Pleas feel free to ask for clarification if my instructions are unclear.

This sorta indicates you may only have two NFTs though I don’t understand why they would be id 5 and id 6.

Anywaze, please run
chia wallet show
so you can see all of your wallets and let me know the result. Don’t post picture of results, just let me know how many wallets you have. I predict one main_wallet and four pool_wallet.

In fact there are just 3 wallets. 1 is main and two others - 2 and 3 each related to its nft. i just replaced 2,3 with 5,6 :slight_smile:

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With just two pool wallets you do not have a problem that needs fixing as long as you stick to one NFT from now on.

The smaller of your pools (unless you managed to plot a larger number of plots to each) is so small it is sorta useless. You really only need one NFT with weird task exceptions. I would delete the plots associated with the smaller pool and forget them.

You can remove the second pool from your GUI if you wish (to make sure of no future error) by editing your config.yaml, but this is not required.

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there no plots of smaller pool. i can remove it from config.yaml you say, i’ll do!

such a beautiful attitude you are in, i would buy good icecream for you … or bear :raising_hand_man:

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If you ever re-sync your wallet from zero the second NFT will reappear in your config.yaml. It is forever attached to your key and cannot be deleted … deleting the entry from config.yaml just hides the NFT and its pool_wallet from the GUI.

Who edited the thread title?
IMO it’s now incorrect, and would be better if it said " a " as opposed to " multiple ".
It costs 1 mojo per nft, so the title seems misleading now.

I dont just want to change it and upset anyone though.

It was me.

I think that makes it clear … ?

Third time lucky?

Kinda depends how you interpret it.
I’d just put " a " or " each " , as more than one nft costs more than 1 mojo so could be misleading.

It is the same amount for every pool or self pool that you join or create. If you create multiple NFTs it charges you that amount (yeah, I think that is one mojo) every time.

Yarg … tried to make title clearer and now its all BOLD, lolz!

Yes, 1 mojo to create each nft.
I can’t say if it costs to move between pools and solo as ive only gone solo, self pool, but it may do to update the payout address.

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Also my receive address has been updated.