Why my hpool, pool binding is still auditing after 3 days?

Why my hpool, pool binding is still auditing after 3 days ?

Approvals are paused while they weed out the cheats.

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OK… What can happen if I farming with both hpool and chia blockchain app ?

and I can’t add my phone number right now, is that really pausing accept new members ?
Note : without phone number you can’t remove farmer machine, but still can add

they will ban you…/////

@Soviet.Tech, please read the May 28, 2021 bulletin from hpool. They are manually approving all accounts now and like ChiaPlotsFast stated, they are removing the duplicate farmers.


OK… Is there any problem with +65 OTP ?, I can’t get OTP code for binding phone number, with +65 phone number, because I can’t remove binded farmer before binding phone number, I was accidentally binding two farmer, one PC but difference public key, can I get banned from that ?, also is I needs to get 2TB of plots to be approved audited ?, I only bind about 10 plots first time to try join hpool

You are totally wrong !, I think they don’t support Singapore Phone Numbers, or there is problem with OTP Features related to Singapore Phone Numbers

I was approved about an hour ago. Back to earning XCH right away too.