Why no plot service charge in xch?

was browsing the #buy-sell-trade and couldn’t find any plot service that charge you in xch.

all charge in dollar or euro.

is there any out there?

i don’t understand that if we are farming xch, none of them charge you in the coin we are farming.

thoughts? should they also put a price in xch?

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WHY would you want to spend something you’re trying to earn?? :man_facepalming: I’m sure if you asked, ALL would gladly take your XCH!

Ok, lets break this down. I’m new to Chia and I want to get involved. I don’t want to spend weeks/months plotting and I’m willing to pay for the completed plots on a drive. If the plot seller only takes XCH how do I buy plots? I only have USD…


we (our plotting service ) possibly could offer plots for xch

atleast we wouldnt mind trying it out for a few plots(less than 200) if you are interested to try it out, u could pay after receiving each plot and checking them if they fine(if theres no trust on your side)
since the transaction fees of chia seem to be extremely low(close to non existant) right now

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Because there is very little liquidity and very few places to trade Chia

I would argue liquidity is enough to safely trade to any other currency at an acceptable ‘slippage’.

if you want do make USD profit, you would spend USD.

why not, if you want to earn XCH spend XCH?

at first sight, looks like people don’t believe in chia and XCH transactions.

The value of USD goes DOWN over time. :arrow_heading_down:
For the past 10 years ALL CRYPTO CRYPTO AS A WHOLE has done the opposite and goes UP UP UP over time :arrow_heading_up:

MONEY 101: you want to GAIN not LOSE value over time. Let’s use an example.

Aug 2009
you could buy 1000 board/feet for $168.70 USD (BTC was worth $.00023 USD)

Aug 2020
you could buy 1000 board/feet for $928 USD (BTC was worth $11,776 USD)

Lumber - Price - Chart - Historical Data - News

that would mean your USD dropped like a stone around your neck by 450% while bitcoin shot past the moon and grew 5,119,999,900%

They really need to do a better job teaching simple math in school. We’re in trouble :man_facepalming:

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That’some mighty survivors bias there. There’s many coins that have gone to zero

:roll_eyes: “crypto as a whole” the USD graph could apply to “fiat as a whole” USD, EUR, POUND, CAD

Because in the end they will all cash out their crypto for USD, convert XHC into transferable intermediary (pay exchange fee), convert to cashable (USDC, USDT) & face the risk of 50% devaluation loss in the process, no thanks they say we will take cash money…remember and always “CASH IS KING!”

Not having good payment infrastructure is another problem. For major crypto you have coinbase commerce and other services which act like a payment gateway handling the transfer with for you. With chia you need to do it manually (for now)