Why pools take fee?

why cant it be free ?
anyone know how pools are created ?

You need a server that runs 24/7 and knowledge about coding.

Why do pools take a fee? Because the servers cost money.

I run some pools for other crypto currencies and I can tell you that dedicated server are much better than VPS for running a pool from a latency point of view. So you can expect 50-100 Euro / USD whatever per month minimum per Server. Larger pools usually run servers in all major locations (e.g., NA, Europe. Asia…). So you have already 150-300 Euro / USD server costs if you want to cover three major regions.

Than somebody has to admin these servers. Usually pools also offer some kind of support and need a reverse proxy / DDoS protection service which is minimum 200 Euro / USD per month. Now are are talking about 350-500 Euro / USD per month just for server stuff.

If the pools takes 1% fees, the pool needs to mine crypto worth 50.000 Euro / USD per month just to get those 500 Euro / USD back. That’s also while smaller pools closed recently. They cannot earn back the very basic monthly costs they have.

You also want a fancy website, discord bots and other cool stuff? Expect to invest months of working time.

If you guys want a chia pool, I could run calculations about running one… But it would also make sense if enough TB / PB would move to that pool to cover server costs and my time… I assume people would only be interested if fee was like 0.5%?


Chia servers for 3 regions plus the database run a couple thousand more than we make via the 0.7% fee.

Our eth server clusters cost us around 60k-70k a month back when that was a thing.

I realize miners and farmers tend to obsess over the 1% and we often get told if we cut our fees we will have great increases in our membership.


why should a pool be free, the operators have running costs. and even with a 1% fee, only the top 5 pools end up really earning something, the rest are lucky if they just get their running costs covered.
for the farmers the 1% is an easy way to see if their farm is running without problems. personally i think the farmers get more out of the 1% fees than the pool operators apart from spacepool.


If we’re really set on group farming without paying a fee, there is always the investment scheme: get all of your friends to pool $500 each, build a killer mining and farming rig, then split the profits (lol) or divide the sweet sweet chia between different wallets. The risk is super high though and if Chia goes to $5 you will have no friends after that.

Or you can pool hop for now, some of the smaller pools are still doing 0% to build user base and you can move on to the next when rates kick in. Same thing, risky, rug pulls are a thing and you might not get your last payout if they fold.

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