Why XCH User Transaction Fees not number?

When I resynchronized my wallet, I won a reward, but this time the reward was 0.00000000001XCH more.

06/27/2021 下午8:20:25
Confirmed at height 491427

Then my XCH User Transaction Fees changed.

What is 1e-11?

Does it affect future mining? Because I haven’t had a new XCH for a long time.

you win block+transaction fees in Chia. Congrats you got a small bonus cause someone send xch and paid a fee, likely the fee to create their pool plot I assume.

I’m not join any pool.
What I don’t understand is why the transfer fee is 1e-11.
Is 1e-11 equal to 10^11?

1 mojo is the lowest unit of XCH.
In this case someone sent a transaction and paid a fee (1 mojo) and the farmer that processed the block gets the fee+the base 2 reward.

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1e-11 is equal to 1 * 10^-11 or 0,00000000001